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Buyers Guide | Acrylic

Acrylic accessories were once considered to be a passing fad but they have managed to stay mainstream and relevant. Every passing year brings with it an increase in the number of pipe designs and innovative alternatives and today, you have more options than ever. There are various benefits of acrylic accessories that people miss out on.

They Are Colorful
Well, even glass designs have the capability to be colorful but since acrylics are all factory-made, they are available in a wider variety of colors. Acrylics have very basic shapes, so that makes their wacky shapes the primary defining feature.

Price Point
There is absolutely no other type of material that can beat acrylics in terms of the price point. They are cheap as they are mass-produced, which allows for deep discounts. Even the most expensive of these accessories seldom go beyond $25. The simpler ones cost even less., making acrylics the go-to choice if you are on a tight budget.

Another great part of all acrylic accessories is that they are highly durable. Even if you are the clumsiest kind of smoker, it is very tough to break an acrylic accessory. Unlike glass which is very prone to chips, cracks, and shattering, so you have to be very careful when you are dealing with glass. With acrylics, your session can be much more relaxed without any added headache of breaking your bong or any other accessory that you might be using. There is still one thing that you need to be very careful about. Acrylic has a tendency to react to extreme heat similar to the way glass does. We would advise you to not expose your pipe or bong to a flame or a heat source for a long time as you might end up damaging that particular area.

To avoid any mishaps, the part of the pipe that comes in contact with the heat is usually made with a metal bowl. If metal is not your vibe and you feel like it might alter the taste or integrity of your smoke, it is pretty easy to just switch it out for a glass slide. They are not expensive and you can get a decent one for $5. Additionally, if you feel that acrylic pipes are a little harsh, just put in a glass slide and you will definitely feel a difference.

Easy To Use
Acrylic pipes have a simple design which makes them easy to navigate. There are no hidden techniques that you require to navigate this device. This alone makes the whole process a lot more fun. Cleaning is also very easy, all you need is soap and hot water and voia! You have a clean accessory. No frills, no mess.

They are Versatile
You might feel that water pipes are the only ones that are available in the acrylic variant. That is not true. There are plenty of dry hand pipes that come in acrylic a well. However, right now they are relatively new so it might be a little tough to locate them.