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Aerospaced 2 Piece Grinder

ABOUT THE AEROSPACED 2 PIECE GRINDERCrafted from solid and lightweight aluminum, the rugged and reliable Aerospaced 2 Piece Grinder thoroughly crushes material for thorough, even vaporization. The compact 50mm size is perfect for on the...
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Buyers Guide | Aluminum 2 PC

Grinders, on the surface, are not all that complicated but there are a lot of them available and that can get a little confusing on days. Cannabis has great medicinal properties that do improve the overall quality of a person’s life. But when it comes to consumption methods, certain accessories can make the experience even better. This is where herb grinders come in.

These are the accessories that act as a convenient tool to help break and grind the herb into smaller, smokable particulates. These handy accessories come in all kinds of variations. They are available in different materials. So, it is important that you assess your needs and accordingly pick a grinder that best fits your needs.

If you are a beginner then it is advised that you get a 2 piece grinder as those are relatively inexpensive and are also the perfect foray into the world of marijuana. When it comes to material stuck to aluminum from a well-known brand as otherwise, they might become weak over time and that can alone ruin the experience of vaping or smoking the herb.

Do your research on what is available and then make the decision accordingly. Some of the best Aluminum 2 piece grinders on Vape and CBD are ;

Aerospaced 2 Piece Grinder
This is a great, solid grinder made from aluminum. It crushes the material thoroughly making it great not only for smoking but also for vaping. It has a compact size and fits into the pocket easily. All surfaces in this grinder are anodized preventing any unwanted flakes from ending up in your herb. The lid is magnetic making the loading easy. This grinder is durable and functional.

Herbivore 2 Piece Grinder
This grinder ensures that your vaping session goes great. It is made with high-grade aluminum along with durable, sharp teeth that break down the dry herb to the required consistency for vaping. This has a sizable chamber size along with a compact size that makes it travel friendly. It also comes with a felt pouch making it easy to travel around with it.

Magic Flight Nano Grinder
This is a new addition to the Magic Flight line up of products. This one has improved functionality of design and each grinder comes etched with the recognizable Magic-Flight glyph. These grinders are also the perfect companion to the Magic Flight Box as they can easily fit in the bowl. This ensures that there is no chance of spilling or loss of herb.

2 Piece Grindhouse Grinder
Constructed from premium quality aluminum, the grindhouse grinder provides an effortless and consistent grind. It has a magnetic lid for easy closing and diamond-shaped cutting teeth, playing well into its consistency. It has a compact size, allowing you to travel with it wherever you go. The teeth are great to break down the herb into a fine powder in absolutely no time. It is built to last and perform for a long time.

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