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Buyers Guide | Aluminum 4 PC

Grinders, on the surface, are not all that complicated but there are a lot of them available and that can get a little confusing on days. Cannabis has great medicinal properties that do improve the overall quality of a person’s life. But when it comes to consumption methods, certain accessories can make the experience even better. This is where herb grinders come in.

These are the accessories that act as a convenient tool to help break and grind the herb into smaller, smokable particulates. These handy accessories come in all kinds of variations. They are available in different materials. So, it is important that you assess your needs and accordingly pick a grinder that best fits your needs.

Vape and CBD has an extensive collection of grinders ranging from basic ones to 4 piece ones. A 4 piece grinder has one extra chamber to help collect the kief. The kief is the pollen on the herb which is often even more potent than the flower itself as it contains all the trichome goodness of the plant. In a 4 piece grinder, you will often see a mesh screen below which this chamber is located. Over time if you collect enough kief, you can actually smoke just the kief.

When it comes to picking a grinder, it is always advised that one gets an aluminum grinder as those are the ones that survive for the longest time. Here are some of the best 4 pc grinders from our collection.

4 Piece Space Case Grinder
This is the ultimate grinding machine. This four-piece beauty comes in 3 sizes and is probably the most heavy-duty of them all. A Space case grinder never goes dull and is virtually indestructible. The whole thing is made with aerospace aluminum coated in titanium with an anodized coating that makes cleaning very easy. If you want a classic grinder then it does not get better than Space Case.

4 Piece HerbivoreGrinder
This is a perfect grinder if you are looking for something that is a little more on the go. It is discreet, functional, and smart looking. The herb breaks down in easily and you can carry it around without any issues wherever you want. There is a felt pouch that is included in with the grinder that acts as an effective storage medium. It has high-grade aluminum teeth that ensures that more surface area is covered. This allows you to grind a lot more products with just a few twists.

Teeth also ensure that you can grind the flower efficiently right down to the kief which is collected in the last chamber. This kief helps you end up with a smoother, patent, and flavor-rich vapor.