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Buyers Guide | Apollo Vaporizer

As one of the leading manufacturers of vapes in the US. It is a given that they will feature in our selection of vaporisers as well. Apollo is a California based brand that was formed in 2010. What sets Apollo apart from the competition is the fact that it was established by three tobacco industry experts, who have either worked in either the electronic or traditional cigarette market. They might be based in the US but they operate on a global level. Based on innovation and creativity, every product is of top quality.

When it comes to Apollo, all their products are hailed as close to perfection as possible. There is both a 30 day money return guarantee as well as a limited lifetime warranty on certain products.If you are beginning your vaping journey then there is no brand better than Apollo to help you venture into the world of vaping.

Affordability, quality and flexibility are all aspects of Apollo that will be a tough find otherwise.

Apollo owns and operates a ISO 8 certified facility that carries out all the required research for all products under the supervision of on-staff PhD chemists. This also ensures that there is always some new product in testing stages.

The biggest problem with electronic cigarettes since the beginning has to be the customer service. But they have ensured that their customer service is always on point. There are no robots involved in the customer service, everytime you call,you will be put through to have a conversation with a real person from the customer support team.

Apollo’s goal is simple- to maintain consistency through everything that we do. After all, that is the only way we can help you aid this path to a healthier lifestyle you have adopted.

Apollo V Tube 5.0
This is a gorgeous and extremely durable vaporiser. With a LCD screen and temperature control it has all the important features that you expect from a vape. You have unprecedented control over the temperature which heightens the experience of the herb. The battery life is pretty decent as well. You get around 9 hours usage from a simple charger. No matter if you are a newbie or a vetran, you will like what this vaporiser provides. The advanced controls heighten the flavours and the vapor production is also pleasing to most people.

Airvape X
This portable dry herb vaporizer is probably the best in the market. It has a large chamber size which is magnetically secured along with a ceramic mouthpiece. It is a super sleek and portable vaporizers that should be used by everyone at least once, because guaranteed you will fall in love with it. This is a top end device which has the best performance at this price point. What seals the deal is the vapour quality. It is smooth and flavorful. This is achieved with the help of conduction heating and thanks to the ceramic chambor the taste remains crisp and cool.