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Banana bros. OTTO Grinder

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ABOUT THE BANANA BROS. OTTO GRINDERThe OTTO™ by banana bros.™ is the first ever all-in-one smart electric grinder and rolling machine, capable of finely grinding your dry herb and rolling the perfect cone in mere...
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Buyers Guide | Banana Brothers

Banana Brothers have a simple mantra-” Make it easy, to take it easy.” This is very clearly reflected in the OTTO. The traditional process of grinding herbs and then rolling a joint is often long, tedious, and above all extremely messy. This is where OTTO enters the field. You can enjoy your favorite herb with the touch of a button.

OTTO is a motorized grinder plus a cone making machine, all in one. With the help of smart technology, OTTO grinds material to perfection and neatly fits it into a cone neatly. There is no wastage, no mess. Just a perfect roll. It works with all kinds of herbs, it could be wet, sticky, big, dry, or small. The type is irrelevant. There is a smart milling system in place that evenly crushes the bud. Thus negating the biggest drawback of traditional hand grinders. The end result is what every smoker wants from their product, even processing with superior flavor. You can finally count on something as the OTTO ensures that it churns out consistently good joints. You can finally do the one thing that you smoke for; kick back and relax.

All In One Device
This is the ultimate seamlessly integrated technology. Rather than having different devices for every step of the process, you have one device that can do it all. Additionally, it ia travel friendly and all you need is a USB port to charge from practically anywhere.

Smart Grinder
OTTO features a spring-loaded grinder that mimics the gestures of a human hand, resulting in a perfect grind every time. As the herb is shredded, OTTO gauges the size of the granule and adjusts accordingly. What you receive in the end is a perfect consistency.

Electric Rolling Machine
Designed with the aim of optimization, OTTO has the ability to make about 20 to 30 perfect rolls in one full charge. You can either stock up or you can roll on the go. Both options are easily available to you. The o-funnel ensures that each cone is rolled to have a slow, even burn. The chamber has a transparent look so that you can see it being filled to perfection.

Premium Cones
When you buy an OTTO, you get 20 premium cones that are made of 100% natural raw fiber that is completely free of any kind of parabens, GMOs, and animal products. You get an even burn with a natural flavor, effects, and aroma. This ensures that every cone is filled perfectly.

Using It
It has an easy to use design that translates to fast, efficient performance and OTTO provides precisely that. All you have to do is open the side chamber, fill it with the herb and see the magic happen.

Special Product

Special Product