BUCKET STYLE MALE 14MM (S) / 4MM (T) 45 DEGREE BANGERQuartz Glass Bangers are an excellent way to do big, low temp dabs. The quartz glass can withstand daily use better than soft, or even...


Bucket style female 14mm (s) / 4mm (t) 45 degree bangerQuartz Glass Bangers are an excellent way to do big, low temp dabs. The quartz glass can withstand daily use better than soft, or even...


Thermal style female 14mm(s) 90 degree bangerThermal bangers work off the same functionality as bubble bowls. Two layers of glass insulate the heat and keep it where you want it. These bangers are deeper than...
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Buyers Guide | Bangers

Bangers make dabbing easier. It holds your concentrates and allows you to dab through the rig easily. It is usually made of glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium. Bangers are specifically designed to withstand the high temperature that is required to heat the concentrates. They are usually circular in shape but they come in different shapes and sizes. The joints are usually available in the form of male and female joints. Bangers bring out the best flavor allowing you to enjoy the concentrates to their limit.

Different types of bangers

With rapidly increasing cannabis space, people want to test all the different accessories out there. Dabbing is a popular way to feel the potent effects of cannabis. Bangers are your handy tool to dive into the mesmerizing and enchanting effects of cannabis. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Opaque Gavel Banger

Most bangers are transparent and you can see right through them. No matter what type of rig it is, most bangers have a clear design. Opaque Gavel Banger has an opaque quartz base that heats up quickly and maintains the high temperature for a
longer duration.

Grail Banger

This banger has a flared and thick base that is much similar to the gavel banger. One distinctive feature is that it has slits that allow an even flow of air.

Thermal Banger

This banger features a double wall that gives you the benefit of using an inert. It allows you to take bigger dabs at a much lower temperature.

Bucket Banger

A bucket banger combines quartz and honey that can be directly be attached to a rig. The design is deep and allows you to dab more concentrate.

How to use the banger?

Place the banger in your dab rig

This step is pretty easy. You just need to place the banger on the dab rig. Just make sure you know the size of the rig to allow it to fit properly. The most common size is 14 mm male or female.

Heat your banger with a butane torch

When you have mounted the banger on the rig, it’s time to heat it. Grab a butane torch and heat the bottom of the banger. It’s important to note that butane generates insane amount of heat and can easily hit temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius. Don’t point the torch towards your body and keep any flammables away.

Add the concentrates

Take a carver and carve the desired amount of concentrate. Place it on the base of the banger. Make sure you don’t take it in excess. If you are new to dabbing, start with a small amount

Dab it away

Grab a dabber and stir the concentrate as it transforms into vapor. You can even use a carb cap to hold the vapors in place. Next step is the easiest: you just have to take the vapor in and launch yourself into a different zone.

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