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Buyers Guide | E-Nail E-Rig

An e-rig is a dabbing technique using which you can have complete control over the dab temperature. This is required when you are using concentrates, especially with high terpene levels. E-rigs come with temperature settings, which can help preserve the terpenes.

Since you can control the dab temperature, there’s no chance that the nail will be overheated. So, you can enjoy dabs at a low temperature.

When using e-rigs, you need not use a torch to heat the quartz to an unknown temperature. Instead, you can set your own temperature at the button and the operation starts in a few seconds.

Difference Between e-Nail & e-Rig

However, before you understand how these two differ, know whether you want an e-rig or e-nail. An e-rig is a portable device while an e-nail is a heating element, which works with analog rigs.

For e-nails, the main variation comes with the type of nail you are using. Quartz nails heat up quickly, allowing you to take hits immediately. Titanium nails can retain heat along with speedy heat-up time.

If you have already invested in a brand-new glass rig, you can buy an e-nail. However, if you want to have vaping experience of a new device, go for e-rigs.

Major Benefits of e-Nail & e-Rig

  • Since temperature control is completely in your hand, so electric dabbing is safe.
  • You can enjoy the exact taste of the herb and receive high-quality hits.
  • E-rigs and e-nails make users’ lives easier.
  • They have a compact size and easy operation.

How to Use an e-Rig?

Setting up

Place the device on a solid surface, make sure it’s not inflammable. Fill the dab rig with water. Put the carb cap aside. Unscrew the top of the e-nail and put it into the coil.

Attach it to the dab rig, and also the coil and the power cord. Set the temperature, the e-nail will take less than 2 minutes to hit that mark.

Seasoning The e-Nail (For First-Time Users)

Turn on e-nail to 750. After setting the temperature, take a dab of a concentrate you like. Apply it on the e-nail, ensuring the concentrate covers the entire surface.

Using The Rig

Do the temperature setting for dabbing. There are three types of dabs. In low-temperature dabs, heat the e-nail to 800 degrees C initially, and then set to a low temperature, 350-400 degrees F. For medium temperature dabs, the temperature settings are 450-600 degrees F while 600-800 degree F for high-temperature dabs.

After heating, the next step is to choose the dab size. Apply the concentrate on the e-nail and cover the dome with the carb cap. Now, inhale.

E-Dab Maintenance

To have an ultimate smoking experience, you should keep your e-rig clean. For that, you need to consider various things. As long as you are dabbing, keep the device on. When the device is on, don’t cover the nail with the cap carb.

After you are done with dabbing, clean all the pieces. Remove any residue from the nail. Unplug the device and let it cool down properly before storing it.

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