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Trailer Park Boys Julian Water Pipe Elegant. Understated. Refined. Julian tries to be all these, and always comes up short! Luckily the Julian from the Trailer Park Boys line of glass water pipes is all...


  Trailer Park Boys Ricky Water pipe Ricky, oh Ricky, how do we love thee? "Looks like a tropical earthquake blew through here" is just one of our favorite quotes, but something you'll also be...
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Buyers Guide | Famous Brandz

One of the most popular bong brands in the market, Famous Brandz crafts all its bongs from high-quality glass. The brand features an exceptional line of top-quality bongs at a price much lower than the luxurious head shops. From straight stem bongs and glass water pipes to innovative recycler bongs, Famous Brandz has something for every bong enthusiast. The size of the bong ranges from petite 6 inches to huge 15-inch bongs. One of the hallmarks of Famous Brandz is that it ties up with cultural icons like Snoop Dogg, Cheech & Chong, Jay & Silent Bob, and Trailer Park Boys.

With state-of-the-art high-quality materials, the bongs feature thick borosilicate glass, reinforced down stems, sturdy prolonged joints, and well-engineered percolators. For instance, Snoop Mothership bong has a UFO percolator and a perforated inline percolator that allows double filtration. This allows you to pull cool detoxified smoke that is rich in flavor. Other noteworthy features include a thick circular base, blue glass marble, and reinforced downstem.

If you’re looking for a design that is simple yet sophisticated, Trailer Park Boys Kitty Love Water Pipe is a great choice. It features an elegant beaker base with a larger basin that allows it to hold more water than straight stem bongs, taking a cue from the lab beaker, these bongs have a wide base that offers a natural smoke filtration system resulting in a satisfactory inhale. Plus, it’s easy to clean and has a stable base that allows you to keep them away from any damage.

With the rising relaxation in the cannabis laws, water pipes are getting highly popular. A large part of the credit goes to the cannabis legalization system that has made these products available for all. Smoke is one of the most preferred modes of ingestion that delivers a potent hit. Bongs take it a notch higher by increasing the volume of smoke and allowing the users to indulge in a satisfying cannabis experience. Famous Brandz’s bongs are specifically designed to offer users smooth and detoxified smoke that is rich in flavor and feel.

All products are designed keeping in mind the durability and preference of users. One of the most popular glass pieces includes recycler bongs. They recycle smoke and water through refined percolators that eliminate toxins via the cleansing loop. The nature of the design traps excessive smoke preventing you from taking the splashback of water.

All the bongs from Famous Brandz are designed to cool and diffuse your smoke for a power-packed flavorful draw. They offer superior filtration for enhanced feel and the designs are the coolest you would ever imagine. It’s not just limited to bongs Famous Brandz also features a wide selection of accessories, grinders, bubblers, vaporizers, scales, and jars. With such a wide selection of products, you can surely dive into a relaxing cannabis experience.

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