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Boasting a completely original design and patented waterless filtration system, Genius Pipe is a loose leaf pipe of unprecedented ease-of-use and quality. Genius Pipe will fit in your pocket or purse, perfect for smoking on-the-go....
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Buyers Guide | Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe is the future of smoking. This intelligent little pipe is designed to offer unique cannabis experience to users. Created by engineers Stas Gulinsky and Dyan Ferman, this pipe features patented Vortex Technology that makes smoking a breeze.


Sleek and Discreet Design

Genius is designed to be portable and slick. You can easily carry it around and enjoy your smoke on the go.

Creative Storage

Genius Pipe features a slider to store your herb discreetly inside the chamber and it prevents the odor from escaping.

Preserves aroma & flavor

One of the hallmarks of Genius Pipe’s quality is that it is used by judges to analyze the different strains in cannabis competitions. It brings out the real flavor and aroma from a particular strain.

Advanced Filtration

Genius Pipe has thousands of micro-vortices that enable unmatched cooling and water-free filtration.

What makes Genius Pipe unique?


This pipe is exclusively designed using the principles of Zen Design. It’s minimalistic yet trendy and opens doors to an enhanced state of mind. It aims to help you realize the full potential of the herb.


Most vaporizers, pipes, and bongs deliver the smoke but lack the characteristic flavor. There are hundreds of cannabis strains and if you want to indulge in the real experience, you should be able to feel the real flavor it offers. With Genius, you get to experience the real flavor of cannabis, just as nature intended.

Waterless Filter

The patented dimple design features thousands of micro vortices. When you take a draw, it acts as a filter that removes the toxins and cools the smoke without the need of water.

It’s healthier

The fact that it produces cool smoke means that you are away from the risk of burning your lungs. You’ll no longer have to go through unpleasant experiences like coughing. Genius is designed with an active emphasis on the health of users.

Anodized Aluminium

Aluminum is one of the safest materials to use. It is non-toxic and also the third-most abundant metal on the planet. Genius is designed with anodized aluminum to offer you the cleanest smoke possible.
Easy To Clean

Genius Pipe is relatively easy to clean. You just have to take a 70% alcohol solution and wipe it with a dry cloth. You’ll have to remove the top part and place it back together when you’re done with the cleaning.

Travel Piece

The sleek and futuristic design allows you to carry this pipe anywhere you want. You can easily slide it in your pocket and enjoy your smoke on the go. It also has a cover that allows you to store your herb without spilling it over. This feature also keeps it smell-proof.

Slide and Smoke

Genius has a magnetic sliding cover that keeps the materials in place so that it doesn’t spill. It locks the flavors and aroma while providing you with a satisfactory cannabis experience. When you are planning to smoke, just slide the cover and you’re good to draw the delicious flavor of the herb.

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