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Buyers Guide | Glass Accessories

All vaping and dabbing enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to improve their overall experience. And we understand this need. Even if you own the best rig in town, there’s always room for improvement. A few little tweaks and you’ll be surprised at how significantly it changes your experience. In our store, these little tweaks are available under the category of glass accessories.

We offer you a variety of glass accompaniments that will fit your rig like a glove. Whether you are looking to add a wow factor to your bong or want to make each drag a wonderful experience, we got you covered. From glass adaptors to ash catchers, we have curated a list of the top accessories just for you. And we can assure you that the quality of our products will meet all your expectations.

Let’s introduce you to the most loved glass accessories in our list.

There is no one pipe or rig that is perfect for every cannabis user because different smokers have different preferences. But there’s no need to worry anymore. With a glass adaptor, you can use the same apparatus for a bong or a dab. Whatever your preference may be, an adaptor can help you out. We are stocked with all the different varieties to meet your needs. Male to male, female to female or male to female, whatever you need, we will provide you with it.

How does a glass adaptor help you? Here’s a brief explanation.

Male to male adaptors are used to convert bongs into dab rigs. Female to female adaptors are perfect for turning dab rigs into bongs. And male to female adaptors are used to increase the size of your joint. Each of these types can vary in sizes depending upon your setup. Find the right size for your apparatus in our catalog and have a smooth and successful session.

Ash Catcher
Nobody likes to vape through a dirty pipe. But cleaning the rig regularly can also be a hassle. So make your task easy with an ash catcher. It’s a glass accessory that easily attaches to your rig and catches all the residues that results from smoking. In addition to this, an ash catcher also helps give you a smooth rip every time.

You can choose your preference from three different sizes and angles. Each of our products is durable, functional and very easy to clean. Invest in an ash catcher and you will soon realize that it is a necessity than just a glass accessory.

As the name suggests, a chiller is used to give you a cooling experience with every drag. These glycerin filled glass attachments can be freezed and then attached to the neck of your rig. So it cools down the pre-chills before it gets through the water.

Chillers are available in three different colors- blue, green and red. So along with enjoying a winter in your mouth, you can up the wow factor of your apparatus too.