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Buyers Guide | Grav

Vape and CBD have always introduced products made of high-quality raw material. From GRAV to Marley we have a wide range of smoked glasses made by industry-leading glass developers. We introduce glass types that have been scientifically tested and are revered high among the cannabis community. These glass types include Helix, Jane West, Stax, Upline, and the original Grav Labs. Grav has long collaborated with artists and glass pipe developers to create an impeccable line of smoked glass products. Vape and CBD introduces a similar line of smoked glass equipment. We maintain the most highly-rated research and analysis when it comes to providing our customers with high-quality glass-made smoking equipment. If you’re looking for a brand with a highly acknowledged reputation, you have come to the right place. We have the finest pipes, streamers, and bubblers made out of exquisite and highly durable glass. Also, when looking for smoking pipes you cannot go wrong with a Grav collection of glasses. They have one of the finest qualities, scientifically driven, and cool designs. This is the reason why Vape and CBD covers an interesting collection of well-known and famous pieces. Wait no longer and take a peek at the pipes and streamers we have in store for you.

  • 6″ HELIX™ MINI HAND PIPE ($70)
  • 7″ HELIX™ CLASSIC HAND PIPE ($79.99)

We at Vape and CBD, think that every cannabis consumer will be inspired to purchase these products for a heightened experience. So, here is a list of products that will keep the high-quality herbal standards intact. You can choose from the transparent mini hand pipe to the beautiful blue-colored steamroller. With lustrous looking glass the classic helix hand pipe will make an extraordinary choice for a personal hand pipe. Enthusiastic consumers will also appreciate the shape and unique looking appearance of these pipes. The pipe ranges from six to seven inches and rests comfortably in your hand while the spoon on the rear end keeps you safe from the effects of heating. This way you can keep your full focus on the smooth and uninterrupted inhales. On top of the appearance, the Grav pipe also has a sophisticated appearance. You can clean it without having to worry about possible damages.

Other products include the jane west spoon, steamroller, and taster. The design matches that of contemporary design. You will find these products very easy to use, particularly the stroller. It has a place for resting your fingers while it can quickly deliver delicious hits of the smoked substance. Also, the steamroller and the taser will feel natural and comfortable in hand. You can carry them in your backpack and use it any time of the day.

Looking for improved classical glass smoked equipment? Don’t forget to check out the list of vape and CBD products. For more information, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.