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Buyers Guide | Grav Labs

Some of the world’s best glass pipes are arguably made by Grav Labs and we offer them right here in our store. Over the past couple of years, Grav Labs has cultivated a solid reputation for creating the best in call selection for bubblers, recyclers, hand pipes, water pipe, dab rigs, and other glass pipes.

What sets GRAV Lab apart from the rest is the scientific research and innovative designs that they bring to the industry. When Grav Labs was first founded in 2004, it was their beautiful and simplistic designs that took people’s breath away. Today they have added innovation to that list to become a best seller in people’s quest to finding functional, pretty, and affordable glass.

Why Grav?
When it comes to glass pipes, every Grav labs piece is a complex piece of glassblowing art. Every piece that comes from them is manufactured keeping in mind the strict standards and the ability to outlive even you if cared for properly. Most pieces created by Grav Labs have multiple moving parts in the of small elements that need to perfectly fit together to fill out the gaps. If you do not take care of how they fit them you might end up with a leaking issue or an airflow problem making it seem like the whole piece is defective. It is because of the complexity and intricacy of their manufacturing process that you might feel that they are a little expensive.

Another great aspect of their products is that they are made from borosilicate glass. Unlike the traditional glass, this maintains its structural integrity even when exposed to high temperatures.

How Do I Take Care Of My Grav Lab Product?
All you have to do to ensure the longevity of your product is that you take care of it and change the water regularly. It is only through the change in water that you can taste the full range of flavor. But even more importantly the regular water changes are what help avoid the buildup of mold. If you have had any experience with mold, you will know how tough it is to remove it.

To have an optimal experience use filtered or distilled water. Tap water often contains chlorine and minerals that not only alter the flavor but also cause buildup inside the pipe. If you want to clean your Grav Lab accessory, all you have to do is fill up a big bowl with rubbing alcohol and let it soak. After a couple of hours, clean the residue with water/ If you feel that your product still isn’t clean and there are some nook and crannies which need cleaning just take a small pipe cleaner dipped in alcohol. Also, ensure you give a rinse with filtered or distilled water before you use it again.