LEVO OIL INFUSER 1 YEAR WARRANTY LEVO takes the mess out of home infusion! It uses controlled heat to transfer flavor, scent, color, and nutrients of herbs into the oil or butter of your choice.HOW IT...
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Ever since countries are moving towards cannabis legalization, use of medical cannabis and its constituents like CBD has risen remarkably. As a result of this development, along with telemedicine, legal dispensaries and home deliveries, people have also started cooking with cannabis at home.

You can choose out of the hundreds of recipes available online and enjoy a delicious edible created in your own kitchen. In fact, if you are able to make different infusions like cannaoil, and cannabutter, you can twist your everyday meals into a smooth and satisfying session. But, a lot of people love cooking with CBD at home and not the mess that comes along. And it’s often difficult to make an infusion that turns out exactly as it should be. If you don’t wish that upon yourself then work smarter not harder. How? Using our restaurant quality infusion machines at home.

Now that technology has entered the CBD industry, infusion machines have evolved as one of the many ways of enhancing your experience. And we can deliver this comfort to you. With our list of infusion machines from top brands, enjoy the ease and comfort of making homemade CBD recipes at home.
Levo Oil Infuser
If you need a trick to make your homemade CBD recipe a hassle free success, choose Levo oil infuser. It features a gentle infusion method that increases the shelf life of your infusion by avoiding unnecessary aeration. With controlled heat, the Levo oil infuser transfers all the flavor, aroma, color and chemical components of herbs into your butter, coconut oil or any of your favorite infusions. It can be used to make canna oil for your everyday meals, topicals for pain relief and even body scrubs to have a relaxing bath every morning.

Levo Oil Infuser is designed in a modern and sophisticated style that makes it a perfect countertop machine. It’s LED interface offers complete control over the functioning and temperature of the machine. Even with a promise of high quality, Levo offers a 1 year warranty for their products.

While the Levo Oil Infuser eases your preparation, it can also be maintained very conveniently. The machine features dishwasher safe parts that makes cleaning the machine after every infusion an effortless task.
Magical Butter Machine
Have restaurant quality infusion at your home using the Magical Butter Machine. The immersion blender will help you make incredible recipes with little to no effort. The butter machine incorporates a digital thermostat and heating unit with 5 different temperature settings that allows you to control the right conditions for your infusions.

Along with the modern looking Magical Butter Machine, you also get a purification filter and Love Glove to help you transfer the infusions and store them perfectly. Investing in this machine is the best choice for anyone who frequently makes edibles at home. You can use it to experiment with different recipes, topicals, balms and even bath scrubs. So invest in a Magical Butter Machine to be surprised with the best results every time.

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