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Buyers Guide | Magic Flight

Magic flight has a very different approach to the creation of products. The quote that drives their design philosophy is “Love is that which enables choice, love is always stronger than fear, always choose on the basis of love.”

It is this philosophy that they believe will help create the right direction for human relationships to go to. This is also how they ensure that they provide sustainable products to their users. All products that they create are socially and ecologically sustainable in all manners of speaking. Every Magic-Flight product is crafted by local, skilled artisans receding in San Deigo, California. All products are also made with green, natural, and renewable sourced materials. All of their products are as they explain- a product of love but there is one in particular that is the most popular. That is their Launch Box.

What Is The Launch Box?
On the surface, it is a wooden box. Inside the box, you will find a draw hole, herb chamber, battery port, and air intake hole. Over the herb chamber, you will find an acrylic lid that helps you open and close it. The differentiating factor, however, is the single AA rechargeable battery that is required to power it.

This is a simple, easy to use product, that you know comes from a place of thought and care. It is not a very expensive vape but it at no point feels cheap. For the price that it is positioned at you will find that it is probably the smallest, lightest, and quickest vape that you have ever used.

If I had to point out a drawback, it would be that it does need a super find herb to get the work done. But for that, they have a great grinder in their product line up. If for nothing else you can add it to your collection for just how unique it is.

Maud Dib
The second impressive product in their lineup is the Maud-Dib concentrate box. It does look like a museum piece but in a good way. The box quickly heats up to 900 F, making the draw very smooth and ensuring all the things that the taste of the concentrate is kept intact.

Why Magic Flight?
Apart from a great founding philosophy and thought that the company puts into each product, you also have a great customer service team in place to help you through any kink that you may face. Most products come with a lifetime warranty. They also have an in-house lab to ensure that they improve on every product. They also have a versatile product range in place. This includes chargers, grinders, the launch box, Maud-dib and a lot more. As a sustainable choice in an overcrowded market, it is pretty easy to recommend this one.