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AirVape X is one of the World's leading vape models, that is made from the highest grade materials, equipped with state-of-the-art super-fast heating technology and its quality is backed up by lifetime warranty. The X...
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Buyers Guide | New Products

Under the new products category, Vape and CBD introduces a wide range of vape essentials. We have a comprehensive line of vaporizers, vape batteries, chargers, and cases for all cannabis consumers out there. Since our customers seek high-quality equipment and excellent services at an affordable price, Vape and CBD offer a variety of cannabis-related products at an affordable price. We will focus on providing quality-driven products to our customers with choices that meet the customer requirements. Most cannabis consumers seek products that are made of the best quality material. This is why we have a line of vapes made out of safe raw materials. You can use our vape products to heat your cannabis material safely. Each product under this section holds a high reputation unlike low-quality vape equipment found in the marketplace. You can order a vape pen, case, USB, and charger at the same time without having to go to different vendors. You don’t have to wander online to find a charger and case for the pen that you just bought. You can get any vape related equipment from us.

The following is a breakdown of vape essential at a competitive market price:

  • Grasshopper Performance Front End Upgraded Titanium Mouthpiece – Plain Titanium ($40)
  • Grasshopper Titanium Vaporizer ($259.99)
  • Grasshopper Vape Extra Battery ($7.50)
  • Grasshopper Vape Extra USB Charger ($265)
  • Grasshopper Vape Silicone Mouthpiece ($7.50)
  • Vianel JUUL Case With Calfskin – Black ($30)
  • Vianel JUUL Case With Calfskin – Blue ($30)
  • Vianel JUUL Case With Calfskin – Brown ($30)
  • Vianel JUUL Case With Calfskin – Camo ($30)
  • Vianel JUUL Case With Calfskin – Red ($30)
The performance front end piece or PFE comes in different colors with an increased vapor delivering ability. You can use it for long cannabis sessions and avoid the possibility of overheating of your vaporizer. The mouthpiece will also allow you to draw large amounts at an increased speed. The Titanium Grasshopper vaporizer on the other hand has unique thermal properties due to titanium build. We have different sizes and colors of grasshopper vaporizer and the same comes with a battery and a beautiful case. In case you are looking for a vape case, you can easily get one from Vape and CBD. They come in 5 different colors and will fit your vaporizer perfectly.

For those looking forward to getting every bit for the best quality performance out of their vaporizers can trust grasshoppers. These products are leading in the industry and they come with a warranty period. With each grasshopper purchase, you can also buy a separate charger, battery to last you a lifetime of vape sessions, and a mouthpiece for performance-driven stretches.

Customers can choose from the above-mentioned category of products, add it to their cart and make a purchase. Also, if you need additional information regarding any of our services you can get in touch with us through email or contact us right away. Our team of professionals will help you learn everything you need to learn about the products.

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