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Buyers Guide | Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Vaporizers provide ultimate flavor with ceramic heater elements and glass-on-glass air flow. Tested for more than 10 years, the vaporizers were the first of their kind. They are known for amazing design, operation, and durability. When using these devices, you can easily control the temperature that suits your needs.

Silver Surfer Design
The vaporizers are made from high-grade stainless steel alloy and contain silicon tubes for inhaling purposes. Temperature dials allow you to select the specific range based on your needs. In these whip-style vaporizers, the herb is loaded into the wand near the heating rod. The airflow to the rod directs the vapors to the silicon tube, which are then inhaled through the mouth. Silver Surfer vaporizers are 8 x 12 x 12, lightweight (2 pounds), and have a compact size, thus can easily fit on the top of the counter or dresser. When buying SSVs, you have many options available in designs and color, such as black, silver, red, blue, green, and orange.

Hand-Free Attachment
These vaporizers are equipped with hand-free attachment, which helps in reducing the stress on the glass heaters. The angle prevents the herb from falling on the heating element. Its air-tight cover is effective in preventing vapor leakage problems, thus allowing you to get the most out of vaping. However, you may need to stir your herb in case some areas are unevenly vaped. There’s a wide range of accessories and upgrades available for these vaporizers.

Silver Surfer Operation
Like most desktop vaporizers, Silver Surfer Vaporizers usually take up to 4 minutes to heat up properly. With convection vaporization, you are able to enjoy the smooth taste. Since burning doesn’t occur, the active ingredients aren’t damaged. It’s recommended to clean the silicon tube regularly to remove any residue. You can do this by rubbing alcohol. These vaporizers are made from ceramic glass, thus reducing the risks of inhaling harmful toxins that may cause certain health issues.

Temperature Regulators
In Silver Surfer Vaporizers, there are temperature control knobs, thus allowing users to have customized vaping experiences. You can make temperature settings from low to high. The ceramic heating elements are positioned at an angle, thus reducing the risks of combustion. When inhaling the vapors, do it slowly. Drawing quickly may affect vapor quality. So, there needs to be a proper balance between heat and speed.

Important Tips to Use Silver Surfer Devices
Since SSVs heat up quickly, you should carefully use it to avoid any problem. Additionally, you should place the vaporizer on a flat surface, away from any inflammable material. Here are some tips to use the vaporizers correctly-

Turn the unit on and wait for about a few minutes to burn off residues
Put the finely ground herb into the wand, make sure don’t pack too tight
Do temperature settings, turn the knob halfway down
Put the wand on the heating element carefully and draw using the mouthpiece
Stir the herb to heat it completely
Don’t allow pets or children near the vaporizer when it’s turned on