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Banana bros. OTTO Grinder

ABOUT THE BANANA BROS. OTTO GRINDERThe OTTO™ by banana bros.™ is the first ever all-in-one smart electric grinder and rolling machine, capable of finely grinding your dry herb and rolling the perfect cone in mere...
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With every scroll, you will be able to find a different variety of product with features that’s worth every penny. With such a high quality collection, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices offered to you. So, if you have trouble deciding whether to buy a silicon bubbler, a digital vape pen or a desktop vaporizer, walk through our list of products that have earned a name among our customers. Based on the most frequently bought and highly reviewed products, we have created a list of top items that’s curated by people like you. Everyone who has ever bought these products have found the worth of their money and enjoyed an enhanced experience.

Having narrowed down the options, you can finally find a brand, product, features and price that perfectly fits your requirements. Here are a few of the top selling products in our store.

2 Piece Herbivore Grinder
2 piece-herbivore grinder is one of our largest dry herb grinders from the Herbivore line. It’s body is built with sturdy aluminium that makes it resistant to wear and tear. So one grinder will last you for a long time. The grinder supports a large 63mm chamber allowing you to ground larger loads of dry herb at a time. It’s strong teeth are ideal for turning your herb into perfect chunks of dry herb for your vaporizer. So when you decide to vape with this finely ground herb, the heat spreads evenly across every nugget and gives you the best vaping experience without any loss of herb.

It’s an ideal choice for vaping enthusiasts or someone who likes to go all out on their stash in one go. You can carry this 2-piece grinder with you anywhere. It’s aluminium body is actually very lightweight and increases its portability. It’s worth every penny because it is built to last.

AirVape X Vaporizer
AirVape X Vaporizer is the best in the category of dry herb vaporizers. It features a large ceramic herb chamber which allows you to have longer sessions of up to 12 hits. With it’s precision temperature control and hybrid heating, you can set up a temperature for your herb to control the density of your clouds and the flavor. And the hybrid heating technology will do it in no more than 20 seconds. All this modern technology comes in a sleek and portable metal body that can easily fit your pocket.

Banana Bros Otto Grinder
Banana Bros Otto Grinder is an all-in-one machine. It’s a grinder combined with a smart roller. So you just add your dry herb in the grinder, push the button and it will finely grind the herb and turn it into a perfect roll. The grinder features smart technology that adjusts its speed based on the consistency of your herb to ensure that it’s neither too fine nor too chunky. The Otto Grinder comes with a set of 20 premium cones that’s made of 100% all-natural fiber. It makes your job so easy. So invest in this multi-functional Otto Grinder now.

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