BLAZER BIG BUDDY TORCHThe Big Buddy features a very powerful 2500º turbo flame and up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time, all in a light weight portable design. The Big Buddy provides all the...
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Buyers Guide | Torches

If you are a dabber then you cannot miss out on having one of the most essential tools- a torch. Dabbing involves heating of the nail or banger to produce the vapor. To accomplish this task, you need to have a flame. A torch is used just for this purpose. A dab torch creates a flame using propane or butane which is used to heat up a dabbing rig to form vapors.

These torches are available in many different sizes. According to your preference and the size of your dabbing rig, you can go for a medium or a large dab torch. They are designed to be easy to use and very light weight and portable, irrespective of the size. So if you are a person who is always on the go, you can carry it around without feeling any heavy burden.

A dab torch can be used in any weather. Cold, warm or rainy, the torch will light up a flame so that you can enjoy a satisfying dabbing session. It has the ability to reach a high temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit at a turbo flame. And don’t worry if your dabbing sessions extend for a long time. Our curated list of dab torches can hold up a turbo flame for up to 60 minutes continuously. However, precaution has to be maintained while using a torch to avoid any burning accident.

You can choose between a butane and propane dab torch. The two vary in terms of temperature, safety and price. Both butane and propane torches perform efficiently in terms of heating up your dabbing rig’s titanium nail or quartz banger. However, the burning point of propane is much higher than that of butane. So if you are not cautious, the risk of burning the rig is greater. In terms of safety, a butane dab torch has an upper hand over propane ones. Butane is a more clarified gas in comparison to propane. It is cleaned of all impurities that can cause potential damage to you. The same level of purity is not found in propane. Considering the fact that you do inhale some percentage of the gas while dabbing, using a butane torch is a more safe option. Butane is also stored under less pressure compared to propane. So in case of improper handling or accidents, the risk of a fire hazard is more with propane than butane.

The price between the two types of torches also vary depending on the gas it contains. Propane is known to be a cheaper gas than butane. But it heats faster and lasts longer too. So a choice of torch depends more on your preference than the price.

Whatever your choice may be, we have the perfect torch for your perfect dabbing session. Whether you want a long lasting flame, a small torch that fits your bag or one that heats up faster, we have what you need and that too at varying price points. So go through our catalog and buy yourself the essential tool that every dabber must have.

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