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Vaporesso Tarot Mini

A worthy addition to Vaporesso’s stellar lineup of vaping hardware, the Tarot Mini 80W TC Starter Kit more than impresses with form and function. Delivering a solid 80 watts of output, its flavor and cloud...
bloom farms vape
Sale -18%

Bloom Farm CBD Mini Vapor Pen

$49.00 $59.99
ABOUT THE BLOOM FARMS CBD MINI VAPOR PEN Enjoy elite CBD vaping anywhere with the Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vapor Pen. Designed to be used right out of the box, Bloom Farms’ mini CBD vape...
Sale -20%

Select CBD Relax Vape Pen

$45.00 $55.99
Select CBD formulated the Relax Vape Pen to help you unwind and experience relaxation during your day. The Relax Vape Pen features the purest CBD extract available, which is enriched with your choice of Cinnamon...
Sale -20%

Select CBD Focus Vape Pen

$45.00 $55.99
Get locked in with the Focus Vape Pen from Select CBD. Its regulated draw system delivers one to two milligrams of CBD per three-second puff to aid in elevating your focus. The ceramic core ensures...
Sale -24%

Yocan Trio Vaporizer

$33.99 $44.99
The Yocan Trio vaporizer uses a refillable pod system to make it easy to enjoy e-juice, solid, or liquid concentrates. The magnetic connection between the Trio’s battery and pod lets users seamlessly switch between materials....
Select CBD Revive Vape Pen
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Select CBD Revive Vape Pen

$45.00 $55.99
ABOUT THE SELECT CBD REVIVE VAPE PEN Stay locked-in throughout the entire day with the Select CBD designed the 250-milligram Revive Vape Pen. Choose between Lemon or Grapefruit to restore your inner balance, and experience...
Sale -9%

Kandypens galaxy tornado ed...

$144.95 $159.99
KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Edition A storm's a-brewin! The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Edition vaporizer is here and sweeping across the land. Outfitted with an adjustable air-flow system, this wax pen features the ability to regulate the...
Sale -8%

Kandypens crystal

$134.97 $145.99
KANDYPENS CRYSTAL KandyPens has a reputation of being one of the more innovative vape companies and the Crystal, boasting a stronger-than-usual battery and innovative quartz bucket, is its latest brainchild. Coming in at around four...
grasshopper vaporizer for sale
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Grasshopper Titanium Vaporizer

$259.99 $269.99
Compact, portable and powerful, the Titanium Grasshopper is a vape pen that utilizes cutting-edge technology. Designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, the Titanium Grasshopper is durable and ergonomic. Built for ultimate discretion, the...
Sale -5%

Kandypens oura vaporrizer

$349.95 $369.99
KANDYPENS OURA The KandyPens Oura is an intelligent portable e-rig that’s designed for unparalleled concentrate sessions. Equipped with four preset temperatures, multiple atomizer options, a 3000mAh battery, and a handmade glass attachment, the Oura delivers...
Sale -7%

Kandypens amber rose

$148.00 $158.99
KANDYPENS AMBER ROSE Bursting with glamour, the limited edition Amber Rose is a vaporizer designed by model and fashion icon, Amber Rose. Designed with three premium concentrate attachments and universal 510 threading, it is extremely...
Sale -13%

ego c twist 1100 mah

$19.99 $22.99
EGO C TWIST 1100 MAH BATTERY The eGo C Twist battery offers short circuit protection, safety auto-shutoff, low-voltage protection and most importantly - variable voltage. With a simple twist of the bottom dial, you can...
Sale -20%

Cookies X G Pen Nova Vaporizer

$44.95 $55.99
COOKIES X G PEN NOVA VAPORIZER - Lightweight and sleek, the G Pen Nova has three heat settings that provide session customization and deliver pure, flavorful vapor. - The Nova features an extended draw option,...
Sale -11% Soldout

Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem...

$79.95 $89.99
SOURCE ORB 3 VAPORIZER PREMIUM V2 KIT The Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit is a powerful vape pen boasting Source Vapes' trademark Orb chamber and a kit of 6 advanced atomizers, enabling you to...
KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer
Sale -7% Soldout

Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer

$129.95 $139.99
ABOUT THE KANDYPENS GRAVITY VAPORIZERYou can’t defy gravity…or can you? Be prepared to reach new heights with the new Gravity from KandyPens. The Gravity is an exquisitely crafted wax pen vaporizer that features incredible styling,...
G Pen Nova Vaporizer
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g pen nova

$34.95 $39.99
G PEN NOVA Lightweight and sleek, the G Pen Nova boasts a dual-use tank that is compatible with dry herb and concentrates. Three heat settings provide session customization and deliver pure, flavorful vapor. The Nova...
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Buyers Guide | Vape Pen Oregon

Oregon has one of the most progressive laws regarding cannabis products in the country. So, you can vape as long as you do it within the legal boundaries. Vaping is one of the most preferred mediums to use CBD making it highly popular among users.

The Vapor 21 Law passed on December 20, 2019, prohibits the sale of vapor products to individuals below 21 years of age. Plus, Oregon’s Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA) bans smoking in workplaces, hospitals, child care homes, and within ten feet of all exits, entrances, and windows. This also includes ‘inhalant delivery systems’ like vaporizers and e-cigarettes that deliver nicotine, cannabinoids, and other substances.

So, to legally use a vaporizer, you need to be at least 21 years of age. In addition to that, make sure you avoid any public places and purchase products that come in child-resistant packaging and labeled in accordance with the laws of the state.

Vape pens are a great addition to the cannabis industry. These fine pieces are easy to use, allowing users to have a satisfying vaping experience. For experienced vapers, vape pens can be amazing secondary devices that won’t occupy a large space in their handy bags or kits.

Unlike traditional vapes that have a lack of performance, modern vape devices have amazing features and abilities to surpass the needs of vapers. They are equipped with large batteries and are refillable.

How Do Vape Pens Work?

Although new functions and technology have been equipped in vape pens, their basic structure hasn’t changed much. They generally have the following major components-

Attached to the heating chamber, the mouthpiece is used to inhale the vapors. You can draw the vapors comfortably. Most vapors’ mouthpieces are cylindrical in shape, thus allowing maximum vapors into the mouth. However, some devices have different shapes to make it comfortable for lips while vaping.

An important component that is used to power the device. It’s usually the largest part of the vape pen. Using the temperature and wattage control features, you can easily control the power output, thus having a customized vaping experience. A battery can be cylindrical or rectangular depending on the shape of the device.

It’s the vape pen’s heating element, which is used to convert concentrate, wax or dry herb into vapors, which are then inhaled through the mouthpiece. It contains a vape coil and a wicking material. You need to change the wire after a few weeks. Usually, the vape tank contains holes on the top and bottom, which allow air to cool down the vapors before inhaling.

It’s the vape pen’s heating element, which is used to convert concentrate, wax or dry herb into vapors, which are then inhaled through the mouthpiece. It contains a vape coil and a wicking material. You need to change the wire after a few weeks. Usually, the vape tank contains holes on the top and bottom, which allow air to cool down the vapors before inhaling.

A vape pen contains a small button used to turn the operation on. The battery powers the atomizer that generates vapors, which are delivered to the mouthpiece.

Choosing The Right Vape Pens in Oregon

There’s a wide range of vape pens available in the market. Whether you prefer high battery life, a large tank, or compact size, you can find a vape pen perfect for your needs. Here are some factors that you should consider when buying a vaping device-

In modern vaping devices, you can find a wide range of functions. So, knowing which ones you need is important. For instance, some vape pens come with screens that provide important details such as battery life, temperature, etc. Some devices have an automatic temperature adjustment feature. Just think about what capabilities you require in your vape pen and buy accordingly.

Like functionality, the design is also an important factor you must consider. You can find the vaping devices made from stainless steel and the ones with carbon filter materials. Additionally, some vaping devices come with amazing lights, colors, and shapes, allowing users to buy what suit their personality the best.

How much you are willing to spend also matters. Based on your budget, you can find options available for you, thus saving time. Different vape pens have different prices. For instance, a stainless steel vaping device is more expensive than a one-button vape pen.

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