PAX 2 Hidden Features You Didn’t Know

Some vaporizers have become a mainstay in the day to day lingo of vape enthusiasts. Launched in 2014 PAX 2 is one such vaporizer. 

This sleek vaporizer is packed to the brim with useful features. But what truly makes it a delight to use are the hidden features that vary as per the device and your luck. These easter eggs include games, modes, and other fun one-offs. What makes PAX fun is that every vape has its own unique features, so you are getting something new with every unit. 

Users even report that limited release units like the gold have even more features than the standard hidden ones. 

To access the PAX 2 hidden features all you have to do is roll it horizontally three times, every time you do that the mode changes. Be careful to not shake your Pax as then it is not registered as a turn thus throwing off your count. 


So, what are the features to look out for?

  • Party Mode (3 rotations)
  • Light Painting (6 rotations)
  • Motion Sensing (9 rotations)
  • Simon Says Game (12 rotations) 



Classic Party Mode

This is one that has carried on from the original PAX. In this mode, each petal of the PAX flashes at a different speed in different colors to create one of the prettiest light shows you have ever seen.  The speed is further adjustable with every inhale you take thanks to the great PAX lip sensing technology. 

When you inhale from the PAX2 during the party mode the lights flash and change at a faster speed. The standby time also increases to 60 seconds between movements. It is a wonderful sight to see the 4 LEDs transition and smoothly fade in and out. 

Alternate Party

This is a different style of party mode. Instead of the LEDs changing in a color wheel formation. When this mode is on, the petals will glow one particular color at a time. When you use it, however, the colors will randomly start changing. Similar to the classic mode the standby timer increases to 60 seconds, giving you an ample amount of time to pass the vape around. 

Light Painting

In this mode, the LED lights first turn red and then turn off. Then depending on where you move the vape, the motion sensor lights change. If you just want to marvel at the device in this mode then all you have to do is switch off the heating. You do this by setting the PAX 2 to the highest temperature and then pressing the button one more time. The LED light will first turn blue and then turn. This signals that the heating has been switched off.  

Simon Says Game

Accessing the Simon says game requires you to rotate your device 12 times. Once you enter the game mode, you need to hold your unit flat with the logo facing the ceiling.  Every time you see the led light up, tilt your device in that direction. The game will continue to give you directions as long as you keep moving through the levels by remembering the light patterns.  

All you need to do is mimic the light patterns and once you beat 20 levels the PAX will reward you by turning red, blue, yellow, green, and also play you a tone that is very similar to the iconic ‘Funky town”. Just shake the device again to hear it again. To turn it off all you need to do is click the button 5 times when the device is in temperature setting mode. 

If you are a true pro at the game then you can try and beat all 40 levels of the game to unlock the tropical color theme for the PAX LED logo. 

The Green Mode 

In some units, you can access a knight rider AKA the green mode. Just roll the PAX2 three times in the opposite direction of the Party mode and you will end up with a green color that is reminiscent of the same KIT from the cult favorite Knight Rider.  

Stealth Mode 

This one is not actually an exact secret feature but it is an essential feature of the amazing PAX 2 especially if discreteness is on your goal list. If you want to activate the stealth mode, all you have to do is shake the device when the start-up pattern is running. This will keep the lights dim during your session ensuring that you remain discreet. If you want to turn it off, all you have to do is switch the device off and then switch it right back on. This is a great mode to use if it is low light you are hunting for. 

These are all things that are found on all PAX 2 units; anything else that you might notice is an easter egg specifically designed for your particular unit. 


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