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Perfect for the DIY vape enthusiast. Our CBD E-Liquid Vape Oil concentrate has been formulated to be mixed with any E-Liquid. Simply add the desired amount of CBD Vape Concentrate to your favorite E Liquid and shake well.

With 1250mg of Pure CBD™ our CBD Vape Concentrate offers a premium CBD additive for those seeking more control over the amount of CBD in their E-Liquids. Each 30ml bottle contains 1250mg of Pure CBD™ with a concentration of 42mg/1ml.


Bottle size:
  • 30ml
PG/VG ratio:
  • Max VG
  • 1250mg Pure CBD
  • Vegetable Glycerin

26 reviews for 1250 MG CBD Concentrate E-Liquid – 30ml Vape Oil – Additive (Flavorless)

  1. Patrick Lindsey

    Really liked the effectiveness of this product. Never found something so potent that could reduce the pain in a few minutes. But the bottle is quite small, finished very fast.

  2. Oscar

    Good blend that really helps in managing the debilitating backache.

  3. Sane Hutchinson

    As I was using it for the first time, I didn’t have any idea of the dosage, so just took one drop but felt no effects. But after a few days when I read the direction, it said at least 2 drops for adults, by which I got relief from the pain instantly.

  4. J Ritchi

    While ordering I was skeptical whether this would really work for me. But within a few days of regular use, I was relaxed and didn’t go through the continuous backache. Moreover, after regularly taking for almost two weeks sublingually, I noticed a reduction in the intensity of the pain.
    People hesitant to try any cannabis-based product due to its psychoactive properties can give this a try to this as it has very few traces of THC, the compound responsible for inducing the high. And, it can be taken in any way, but ensure you take care of the dosage to reap the maximum benefits.

  5. Luke West

    My best alternative for nicotine. I use it in my vape pen and it helps me effectively with my muscle pain.

  6. Thomas

    I had social anxiety, so I avoided going to gatherings. My sister gifted me this product and I must say it has helped me a lot by reducing my anxiety issues.

  7. Cilene

    I ordered it for my brother for his stress issues. The product does work for him but the quantity is a little less. It didn’t last for a long time.

  8. Ari Hill

    Strong enough and reduced my backed back pain perfectly. So relaxing.

  9. Jakob Watson

    I had severe neck and shoulder pain. And only after 30 minutes of taking, I was amazed at getting relief from my unbearable pain.

  10. Brynn

    One of the best products I’ve used. Relieves me effectively from pain. Received it on time also.

  11. Jess Carr

    I was terrified by psoriasis but I never wanted to take harmful prescribed medicines. And on using this CBD vape concentrate my problem of psoriasis has started healing. Would highly recommend it.

  12. Aiden

    The smell is very stinky. Didn’t work for me as expected.

  13. Larry

    Didn’t work for me. Also, didn’t like the smell at all.

  14. Maria

    I am a vaping enthusiast and this vape oil is amazing. Provides me great pain relief and gives me high energy levels.

  15. Jesse

    I use it for my arthritis pain and stiffness. Feel much relieved on consuming it and it works wonders for me.

  16. rashad burns

    This is an excellent pain relief product.

  17. Carlos

    I was a little skeptical at first but I was wrong. This product has helped me so much in having a good sleep. It relaxes me so well.

  18. Harvey

    Really liked the product. Really helping me with my knee pain. Just need a big bottle.

  19. Mason

    Was suffering from back pain for the past 13 years. And I hate taking prescription medicines as I vomit every time I take them. But on using this product, I was able to walk without any support and I still can’t believe it.

  20. Glen Bullock

    It did work well but I wish the bottle was full. Paid so much and felt cheated on getting a half-empty bottle.

  21. Anna

    Smells really bad. The convocation is very strong. Would rather look for something else that is not so strong.

  22. Edsel

    I wasn’t expecting that it would help me this much with my symptoms of anxiety. I would definitely buy the next bottle for sure.

  23. Steff

    Though it has a higher price tag, it helps immensely with my back pain and I’m glad that I don’t have to take prescription medicines anymore.

  24. Kian Brown

    The best CBD oil I have ever used. I have a spine issue and have to sit for around 10 hours due to my job. And I can’t believe the way it helps me with muscle pain.

  25. Hal Appeno

    Great communication for each step of the transaction and shipping process. I really like the oil. Flavor is nice and it really helps me get through standing 8 hours a day for work.

  26. Damari Bean

    Tbh I was a little skeptical at first but wow. Finally, my neuropathy has a cure which is not only THC lol. It is quite calming and relaxing. I have tried a lot of shatters and this is definitely among the best. Smooth and nice flavor. Really happy with the purchase.

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