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AirVape Xs Concentrate Cup

AirVape Xs Concentrate Cup

$19.99 $14.99

AirVape Xs Shell

$25.99 $19.99
AirVape Xs Shell



This is a replacement mouthpiece for the AirVape Xs vaporizer. It includes everything you need to simply swap out your used mouthpiece. The AirVape Xs mouthpiece features a cool screen system that filters and cools down vapor for smoother hits. The glass mouthpiece keeps vapor tasting natural. Both rubber pieces are food-grade. The connector piece keeps the glass mouthpiece from overheating. It also acts as a lid for the AirVape Xs herb chamber, making it easy to fill each bowl.

7 reviews for AirVape Xs Mouthpiece

  1. Bono Allen

    Glad to find on the website that it comes separately too. The mouthpiece is one of the coolest things about AirvapeXs, I like that it’s detachable but I keep on losing it. However I have tried a few vapes, this is the best, feels natural.

  2. Cady Bell

    I am an avid smoker and just recently shifted to vapes. I love Airvape Xs, its consistency, design, everything is amazing… plus it’s almost invisible in the pocket. Love how versatile this small mouthpiece is, screens that come along in the package automatically cools down the vapors and makes it easier to take a hit, rubber lid works well in this case too. I had to order an extra one.

  3. Velle Moore

    I prefer glass over ceramic, and this mouthpiece fits well within my requirement.

  4. Buddy Long

    This mouthpiece almost stopped a war, my roommate keep using my AirvapeXs, which I am not a big fan of, can’t kick him out of the room, or buy a new vape for him, so I ordered another mouthpiece from the website. Thanks for a timely delivery 🙂

  5. Edsel Scott

    Airvape X is a powerhouse, giving you full temperature control, and have a quick onset time. Its cooling system and mouthpiece works well in combination and cool down the vapes before they reach your lips.

  6. Joey Bailey

    Made up of high-quality material that is made to last, Airvape Xs has one of the most comfortable mouthpieces I have used, fits perfectly well, and feels natural.

  7. Mike Barker

    Received my package yesterday, a day before than expected. Thanks, vapeandcbd

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