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AirVape Xs Mouthpiece

AirVape Xs Mouthpiece

$12.00 $9.99

Banana bros. OTTO Grinder

$139.99 $129.99
Banana bros. OTTO Grinder



Take your vaporizing experience to the next level with the AirVape Xs Shell. This light weight water resistant case is designed to protect your AirVape Xs vaporizer from the elements. The discreet nature of this accessory makes taking your Xs with you virtually anywhere!

5 reviews for AirVape Xs Shell

  1. Jacob Maddox

    I’ve been using Airvape Xs for a long time and it always felt like something was missing. Now my vaporizer has finally met its match. The shell has some sturdy builds and quite attractive looks. I was lucky I didn’t damage my vaporizer until now. But now, with this shell, I don’t have to worry anymore.

  2. A.D White

    It would have been great if the cover came along AirvapeXs, as it looks somewhere incomplete without. However, it’s lightweight and looks durable. Was much needed

  3. Jennifer Pan

    Love the consistency of Airvape Xs, the only thing it was missing was this shell. It keeps the unit safe and is now easier to carry.

  4. John Brown

    Airvape Xs Shell is a perfect solution to the detachable mouthpiece attached to the vape, which keeps on falling in the pocket. Ideally, the shell should come with the vape. Anyway, good product, and lovely matte finish.

  5. Fiona Odom

    My experience with them has always been good. This is my third time shopping from here. Again faced no hassle. My order was delivered on time and I got a great deal too. That is why I know this is a store I can trust.

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