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AirVape Xs Go Vaporizer

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Arizer Extreme Q

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Arizer Extreme Q


Limited 2-Year Warranty
Arizer Air II features a 50% higher capacity battery and even faster heat up time than its predecessor, the Original Arizer Air Vaporizer. Custom session settings allow you to choose the right temperature based on the type of herb and preferred vapor strength. With an isolated airpath and a selection of glass aroma tubes, this portable vaporizer guarantees purity with every puff!

Gently push and twist Glass Aroma Tube into a small container filled with finely ground herb to fill the dish. Preheat your Air before inserting any glass tubes. Press the power button and set the desired temperature. With a slow and steady draw, inhale through the tube and enjoy the true Arizer experience!

Flip your device upside down to empty any leftover materials. Use the stainless steel tool to clean the Glass Aroma Tube and the Aroma Dish. Other glass parts can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and rinsed with warm water. Leave out to dry.

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5 reviews for Arizer Air V2

  1. Sofia Price

    I like its glass mouthpiece the most as it gives a flavorful, crisp, and cool vapor quality. I prefer using it at temperatures between 350 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit to experience the best vapor quality. Completely taken away by its efficiency. Thanks for such a nice product.

  2. Matt Le

    I really like the Air II, and I’m an occasional user. I smoke probably 1/8 of a gram in an evening a couple of times a week. I can’t comfortably roll a joint that small as the ratio of paper to the filling would be terrible. I don’t want a bong, or pipe for smell and smoke reasons (child at home). Supposedly there are health reasons to use a vape over traditional burning methods, but I cannot speak to them.

    I find the device to be discreet and odorless. It lets me taste a very pleasant flavor as the temperatures are so low. Because the smoke is so cool (I run at 195F) I can leisurely pull tasty puffs with no coughing. A+ from me.

  3. Jasmine T

    Just recently purchased the Air2 and have been blown away by its efficiency!

  4. Augie Chavez

    the Air 2 is the perfect compliment to my desktop vape. They even look somewhat similar! If you are ok with session-style, you can’t go wrong with the Air 2.

  5. Albert Smith

    Arizer Air V2 is made to deliver, no doubts there. Looks just like the pictures, no gimmicks, no issues. Thanks vapeandcbd.

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