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Arizer Extreme Q 220V EU
Arizer Extreme Q 220 EU is a popular tabletop vaporizer with ultimate functionality. This magnificent piece is designed considering performance, quality, and longevity, which makes it one of the best-selling products in its category. The inflation speed adjust feature allows you to set the density of vapors as per your needs. It delivers amazing vapor experience at a low price, thus satisfying the needs of seasoned medical cannabis users.

Multi-functional product
Arizer Extreme Q is able to deliver ultimate vapor experience in various ways:
Direct draw using whip: Use the 3 feet long whip to create vapor with the help of your lungs.
Forced air: The machine’s fan will create the vapor and then deliver to you through the whip.
Forced air balloon method: Attach a balloon to the end of the whip, and let the machine fill it with vapor. When filled completely, detach the balloon, and inhale.

Full equipped remote control
The full-featured remote control enables you to operate the machine without moving from your sofa. Temperature can be adjusted to one-degree increments, from 122 °F to 500 °F. Also, the automatic shut-off feature enables you to shut down your machine after the time you set.

Enjoy flavorful, clean vapor
This energy efficient machine with glass mouthpieces and cyclone bowls, non-toxic tubing provides the best vapor experience. It takes only 2 minutes to reach the optimum temperature and produces fine, flavorful vapor. The 360-degree operation makes it work in all situations. And, a portable battery pack is also available, making it a perfect vaporizer for vacations and camping trips.

3 reviews for Arizer Extreme Q

  1. Denny Nolan

    Been using this specific unit for three months. It delivered top-shelf vapors that I was struggling to find for long. And, I received the order after six days.

  2. Bryant Burton

    Liked the quality of the vaporizer. Though I owe three vaporizers, this one produces the best vapes.

  3. Sam Owen

    The shipping was surprisingly quite quick. I was expecting it to take 4 to 5 days but I received the order just on the second day. Even customer care was very helpful.

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