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Boundless | CFV Vaporizer

Bloom Farm CBD Mini Vapor Pen

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Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vapor Pen

Broad-spectrum oil, clean extraction methods, and good hardware quality are some of the factors that Bloom Farms takes into account during the making of CBD Mini Vape Pens. While these qualities make up for a good vaping device, Bloom Farms steers away from using artificial additives such as VG and PG.

The CBD cart contains non-psychoactive cannabinoids (CBN, CBC, CBG, CBD) and terpenes, which undergo an extensive testing process in third-party ISO-certified labs. In addition to this, the pen is designed with breath-activated technology allowing the consumer to use it right out of the box. Available in four blends (Blackberry, Mint, Natural, and Stone Fruit), the CBD Mini Vape pen comes with leak-proof technology. Leaving plenty of room for smooth vaping flow, the pen also has a unique and discreet design.

You can use the product as soon as you unpack it, all thanks to the subtle and classy design with no temperature settings or preheating features. In turn, the entire design of the pen makes up for a foolproof option making it adept for sharing and instant usage. In addition, Bloom Farm believes in the fundamentals of social welfare. So, for every purchase, they will donate a healthy meal to food-deficit families.


  • Lasts up to 300 puffs
  • Made of Aluminium
  • Light-weight
  • BPS/BPA-free cartridge
  • No temperature controls, no pre-heating, means no waiting
  • Buttonless operations
  • Breath-activated technology
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • LED light activation automatically cuts off inhale after seven seconds
  • 250 mg CBD
  • 60%+ cannabinoids (CBN, CBC, CBG, CBD) Including terpenes
  • An internal rechargeable battery of 190mAh
  • Battery compatible with 510-thread cartridges
  • Ccell hardware used as material for the battery
  • Full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD Oil
  • Independently tested by ISO-certified labs for quality and purity
  • No added additives or chemicals

Miscellaneous Features

  • Uses hemp from farms such as Sun Roots and Garden Society
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Each CBD cart contains 0.5g of full-spectrum oil
  • US Origin
  • White external coating
  • Garden-themed design in the middle
  • Comes with USB adapter
  • Certified by Kosher
  • Non-GMO CBD
  • Gluten-free
  • Recycling Support
  • Simple design with a classy look

How to Use CBD Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vape Pen?

To use the Bloom Farms Mini CBD Vape Pen effectively, keep the pen at an angle of 45-degrees. It will allow more room for a consistent and smooth flow. Because the vape pen is breath-activated and comes with no temperature controls, you can use it instantly by placing the mouth-piece directly inside your mouth. While the breath-activated technology leaves room for no leakage, the pen will glow soon after you inhale one or two puffs. The LED light also deactivates the inhaling process for a brief moment after seven seconds. Let the effect settle in, and wait for two-three minutes before you take the next puff. Repeat all the steps mentioned above and stop after you have achieved the desired effects. Overall, the CBD Mini vapor Pen is very easy and simple to use, and the battery may last up to a day when used with consistent breaks.

43 reviews for Bloom Farm CBD Mini Vapor Pen

  1. Sam

    The pen is safe, simple, and easy to use but the best part about this pen is that its super easy to check the quality of the oil. They have a third-party lab report that helped me understand that it contains hemp-driven full-spectrum CBD oil. So, glad for the lab report and the source from where these people get their hemp because not all vape companies in the market reveal their source or lab reports. Over all, the pen is good quality and discreet design makes it perfect for vape users like me to use it on the go.

  2. F Wright

    Very easy to use and smooth flow. The best part is that I directly take it to my mouth and inhale it for the desired amount of time. The only thing that I didn’t like is that this pen lasts for a short span of time and I cannot physically see how much oil remains.

  3. Hayden

    I always use this vape pen after a hectic day at office. It helps me relax and sleep soundly, enough to start the next day with fresh energy and spirits.

  4. Will

    I had ordered one of these for my friend and the feedback I got from him made me order one for myself. It’s a great buy. Good clouds, good flavor and battery is decent too.

  5. P Knight

    Acts like a relaxant and does not feel harsh in the throat. My friend recommended it to me and I think I would love to buy more in the future.

  6. Jim

    Bloom Farm CBD Mini Vapor Pen is surely one of the best vapes available in the market right now. If I rate it as per my personal experience, I would definitely give it 4.5/5. I like the way it tastes, and its effects are also up to the mark. The draw is really smooth and consistent. Plus, it contains all the important hemp ingredients, including CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. The one area that may improve here I think is the build quality. Now, I won’t say that it’s poorly built. But I feel it a little light, given it’s made of aluminum. However, this is just a personal opinion. For some, it may be a good thing too. I, though, like my vape pen to feel firm, which I think is missing here. Overall, for $49, I would say it still is an amazing deal for me.

  7. Arthur D

    This has no intoxicating effect, perfect for oldies. I consume it every three days in a week to get relief from pain.

  8. Shane

    It is nice and compact, perfect for a relaxing sesh at home with a book.

  9. W Good

    Really appreciate how this works. Would definitely be ordering again. It just gives the right amount of effects required to ease the pain and improve health.

  10. Jane

    I am very new to vaping but after going through the instructions I could easily use the mint flavored vape pen. The flavor is quite refreshing, it felt a little harsh in the beginning but after a few puffs the flow became smooth.

  11. David

    My pen died before the oil ran out. It was disappointing but I think I got about 250 puffs. It tastes good and the effects are decent for a $49 disposable.

  12. Izzie

    Bought this for my mother in law who was having some problems with the harshness of the wax pen she uses. Switched her over to CBD vape pen and she says that she would like to use this pen quite often from now on.

  13. K Tate

    This vape pen has been made using breath-activated technology that offers a smoother vaporization experience and the pen also has a decent battery backup that can last up to 15 hours for low to mild users.

  14. Michael

    Very good flavor, perfect for on-the-go experiences and the clouds are decent too, but I am not happy with the lifespan of the pen. It dies with a lot of oil inside it.

  15. Ruby

    Helps me sleep and rest during the night. I have been using the same pen for a few months now and this was my second pen because the oil comes with high-quality ingredients.

  16. K Barton

    A nice blend. Quite convenient to even carry in the pocket. I use it indoors, believe me, a few draws are more than enough to get relief from a hectic day but the battery doesn’t last long.

  17. Nic

    Really love the BLOOM FARMS products. Produces one of the best vapes that I have ever tasted. Very calming and relaxing.

  18. Isaac

    No battery or temperature check required. A simple inhale does the job and the heat time is also quick.

  19. Merryn J

    An excellent mini vaporizer with a vape quality as good as other good quality vapes in the market. Highly efficient if used mildly during the day or night.

  20. Anderson

    As compared to other vape pens, the battery of this pen does not lasts long. Relatively expensive given the fact that it dies after 250-280 puffs. The only thing that I liked about this product is that the oil is high-quality and the flavors are rich.

  21. K Flanagan

    Tastes quite well. Loved how it acts on the body. Been always by my side during the pandemic for getting rid of any sort of pain. Just received my 2nd order of the same.

  22. Paula

    A discreet design that gets the job done quickly. Produces smooth and flavorful vapor and the pen is completely reliable for short-term use.

  23. Frank

    Does not burn in the nasal or throat. The flow of vape is smooth and decent, but would have loved the product if it had a long-lasting battery.

  24. F Gillespie

    Came filled with .5 g hemp oil, which is extremely potent. Loved how it acts and helps me cope with the arthritis pain. Would definitely recommend it to people unable to walk due to the continuous joint pain.

  25. Parker

    Even one draw makes my pain easy to manage for a few weeks. Produces quite smooth vapes, and does not make me cough like other vape pens. I have been vaping for a long time, but the flavors of this vape pen are refreshing and they the oil is high-quality.

  26. Jared

    Good taste. Delivers the right amount of CBD to bring the stress levels to a minimum. Over all its a good product.

  27. Garrett Goldstein

    I have tried a lot of CBD products and this is definitely one of the best disposables I have tried. Tbh I did not anticipate its effects to be this powerful. Also it tastes really good.

  28. Matthew

    Pleasing vapor, decent battery life, and a simple design. Wish it lasted more than 300 puffs

  29. K Waller

    This is one of the best vape pens that provides a pure and healthy experience. Got it at a great price.

  30. Greg

    It was my first time using the vape pen and there are a few things that I noticed. First, the draws are not powerful, but at this price I think it does a pretty good job. The flavors are nice and most importantly I did not feel an unpleasant harshness in the throat that comes with most vape pens.

  31. Jaime

    I ordered two of these. I find it quite relaxing. It is not too harsh and the taste is quite good too. I think these two will last a month. So much easier than filling vape tanks and charging pens.

  32. Hazel

    One of my favorite vape pens because the oil is full-spectrum and there are no intoxicating effects. Been using it for a month and still the quality of the draws is the same as the first one. So far, I have used the natural flavor, but there are three others – stone fruit, mint, and blackberry. Will try the blackberry next but for now my experience with the natural flavor pen has been good.

  33. Eva

    Personally I do not fancy the simplistic design but the flavor of the oil does it for me. I often use it when I am traveling. At this price, this is the best I have tried.

  34. Robert

    Delivers natural and pure flavors. Not all oils have high-quality ingredients but this one definitely has organic components. Just the vape pen I was looking for.

  35. Daniel F

    I tried natural and the flavor is really good. Usually the flavor of disposables wears off over time but I did not experience anything like that. The flavor remained consistent throughout. I usually use it in the evening before I go off to sleep. It works great.

  36. Will

    The pen is not refillable but the vape quality is nice. Once inhaled the vapors travel smoothly without any signs of harshness. I think its best suited for medium to low vape users. Heavy users should try a different option.

  37. Alexander

    Feels lightweight and every puff lasts about 3-seconds long providing decent amount of vape. The design of the pen is simple and sleek and the battery lasts up to a day with mild to low usage. For heavy usage, it requires consistent charging. The best part about this vape pen is that it has one of the finest quality oils and that’s what I always look for in a vape pen.

  38. Louise

    Tasty vapors, inconspicuous design, and mild effects. The only thing that I didn’t like was that it does not have any temperature settings, which can be a good point for some but I like pens with temperature setting buttons to control the mount of heat required.

  39. J Browning

    Came in a discreet packing and was delivered shortly after two days of order placement. Since then its been a week I have been using this vape pen and its safe to say that the oil is high-quality as promised in the packaging. The only thing that this product lacks is that it dies after 250-300 puffs. Wouldn’t recommend it for long-term use but great for quick and on-the-go usage.

  40. Arial

    This is one of the best vape pens I have ever tried. the flavors actually tastes like real blackberry. Acts quickly and produces strong effects and the best part is that I received the order in just two days.

  41. Vincent

    Bought this after trying flavorful vapors at my friend’s place. After the first draw, I enjoyed the smooth experience. I always take it after a hectic day to enjoy a peaceful night.

  42. Renee

    This is an investment that every regular cannabis user should make for getting quality vape clouds. It has completely changed the way I used cannabis in the beginning.

  43. Alex M

    I am glad I ordered this vape pen. Got it a sale price and it works seamlessly. Great product.

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