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Bulk Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower

Bulk Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower

Bulk Chemdawg OG Hemp Flower


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Chemdawg, also popularly known as Chemdog by the Industrial hemp Farms is a Sativa dominant strain with 23.28% of total CBD and 0.25% of THC. The strain is a cross between mysterious landrace strains, and it holds a significant position in the world of cannabis. Although mysterious it has helped bred the famous OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and other award-winning strains. Chemdawg is widely acknowledged for its unique aroma, which is a pungent smell with powerful hints not suitable for the faint-hearted. 




Type: Hemp flower
Color: Green with purple trichomes and hints of brown on the top
Cultivation: Preferably bred indoors (greenhouse) for an excellent yield
Botanical Origin: Sativa dominant
CBD:THC ratio: 1:92.28




Chemdawg OG Hemp Flower does not have a very pleasant odor. As soon as the strain comes out of the packet, an individual will experience a pungent odor similar to the odor of gasoline spread over an object. This means that the first inhale will come as bad news for those who deter from a good product because of the natural aroma. Even though the aroma is quite strong and pungent it shows that Chemdawg has strong chemistry of cannabinoids making it a highly potent strain. 




The strain dates back to the year 1991, when cannabis was stigmatized, and its use was illegal. Because it is an old strain, the appearance seems like a bud or flower you would find in the ’90s. The outer appearance is quite unruly, with orange tendrils that wrap around the entire flower. The strain also has purple and white trichomes that appear recklessly from every nook and corner of the bud. While all these features make the bud appear quite unorganized and left abandoned, the fuzzy layers and extensive growth of trichomes produce sweet nectaries indicating that the chemistry of cannabinoids is indeed powerful. 


Cannabinoid Profile


THC: 2.47 mg/g
CBD: 249.00 mg/g
THC-A: 1.4mg/g
Delta 9-THC: 1.2 mg/g
Delta 8-THC: ND
CBD-A: 51.5 mg/g
CBD: 193.1 mg/g
CBD-V: 1.5 mg/g



The Chemdawg strain is highly potent, so it will have mixed effects on both your mind and body. At the onset, you might feel as though the strain has got it all mixed up with a bitter flavor demonstrating a bad feeling. However, a few seconds later, a happy high will kick-in, and sometimes it’s unlikely for people to pick up on the flavor of other hidden notes. Only the most sensitive taste buds will encounter flavors similar to spice and mint. Other than that, the strain is a mix of sour, bitter, and sweet tastes. 

Furthermore, once the actual effects of the strain start setting in, it seems like a sudden rush of feel-good hormones starts rushing through the mind and body. As a result, you will start feeling relaxed and happy. Moreover, your body will experience a sense of wellness.  

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