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Bulk Chemdawg OG Hemp Flower

Bulk Chemdawg OG Hemp Flower


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Bulk Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower


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Jack Frost is one of the latest CBG-focused hemp strains in the market. The crystal-packed strain is domestically grown indoors by our professionals. The strain packs up more than 15% of CBG providing therapeutic benefits for multiple health conditions. It takes users through a roller coaster of effects due to its complex lineage of four ancestors. The strain is enjoyed by both a first-timer as well as a veteran. The amazing strain is virtually void of delta 9 THC meeting the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill. 




Jack Frost is a blend of four power-packed strains – Jack Herer, White Widow, Northern Lights, and Rainbow Kashmiri. The strain was perfect over a course of five years with these four strains as its parents. In this period, farmers cultivated the strain and improved its effects and potency which has resulted in a versatile cultivar that it is today. Jack Frost inherited its sativa-leaning effects and fruity flavors from Jack Herer. White Widow lends its explosive energy to the strain. Towards the end, users experience a head-rush and boost of energy, characteristics of White Widow. During the first phase of the toke, you will feel calming and balanced effects because of its heritage of Northern Lights. The fourth parent, Rainbow Kashmiri lends its intricate and rich flavors to the herb. 


Terpene Profile


Overall Terpene – 4.50%

2.16% Linalool
0.18% Myrcene
0.49% Caryophyllene
0.39% Caryophyllene Oxide
< 0.01% Terpinolene
< 0.01% Limonene
< 0.01% beta-Pinene
0.80% alpha-Pinene
0.48% Humulene


Cannabinoid Profile


Overall Cannabinoids – 15.90%

15.11% CBG-A
0.63% CBG
0.15% CBC

Product Information


Type: CBG Flower derived from Industrial Hemp.
Quantity: 112 grams, 225 grams, 1lbs




The fuzzy and frosted exterior of the herb sets it apart from other strains. Jack Frost is a delight to the eye with its beautifully drizzling trichomes. It is light and delicate which shake off easily with rugged handling. 




Jack Frost does not have any pungent aroma. Sensitive noses can sense subtle notes of honey and fruits. Mostly, the organic grassy aroma dominates the whole experience. As it is light and airy, Jack Frost delivers a range of flavors that elevates the overall experience. 




CBG is a cannabinoid known for its effectiveness in managing both physical and mental health conditions. This makes the strain perfect for people looking for fast relief against almost all distresses and discomforts. The effects of the strain come in phases and layers. In the beginning, a ringing sensation sends a stir of well-balanced energy. Once this settles, the next phase offers a calming and relaxing feeling. This pushes you to take a seat and enjoy the pleasant feeling of the uncluttered mind. The next phase floats you into a sense of sleeping libido. And in the end, a strong sense of sleepiness takes over your body.   


Suggested Usage


For novice users, start with smaller amounts of the strain that can help manage your health without risking overwhelming your system. Veterans can simply enjoy the therapeutic and euphoric effects of Jack Frost without any hassles. As the strain packs up a punch, it is best consumed before going to sleep. This will help relieve your stress of the day and get good sleep.




Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower is packaged in a pharmaceutically tested white mylar bag that is sealed to ensure the freshness of the flower. It comes with a humidity control pouch inside.

The bag is further placed in bubble wrap before inserting into appropriate mailer or envelope.

1 review for Bulk Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower

  1. Dan Dotson

    From all the hemp flowers that I’ve tried until now, Bulk Black Frost has perhaps helped me the best in managing my knee pain. Been using it for a month now. No complaints until now.

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