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Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower


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Casino Cookies is a hybrid derived by cross-breeding high in CBD content Sativa strains. This earthy, sweet strain is domestically grown by professionals. The sativa dominant hybrid has CBD concentration of about 21% providing a full body and mind relaxing effects. Despite being a sativa-leaning strain, Casino Cookies is not for faintest of hearts. Its effects are more on the sedative side and may lock you down on your couch. The THC concentration is less than 0.3% meeting the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill.


Very little information is available regarding the background of Casino Cookies lineage. It comes from a combination of Wookies and AF4. Wookies is a hybrid strain known to induce a sense of liveliness, euphoria, and relaxation. The taste and aroma of Casino Cookies are a reflection of Wookies which indicates that Wookies is a dominant parent strain.


It tastes subtle and sweet in the beginning. Once that settles, a gentle piney tinch of flavor follows creating a beautiful blend of taste and aroma. As the smoke whirls in the lungs, notes of cinnamon and lavender can be experienced at your tongue and throat that adds another dimension to the flavor of Casino Cookies.

The whole experience is elevated towards the end when the cultivar finishes off with a strong flavor of gasoline. The bitterness completes the full circle of flavor where you experience every flavor and taste that you may expect from a cultivar. For a better experience, keep a nug in the stash to enjoy the effects and flavor especially when the day has gotten a little too stressful.


Casino Cookies is best experienced after a stressful day. The strain works best for people looking to sit back and unwind. It starts slow but is long-lasting. Casino Cookies gradually eases users into giving a powerful sedative punch in the end. In the beginning, the user will experience a feeling of lightheadedness. The strain takes you away from mental clutter and clears your mind providing a sense of pleasant emptiness.

Once the restlessness moves into the background, the strain starts to ease the body. It relaxes any tension or discomfort letting you unclench your body and muscles. You will move into a state of total relaxation. While the effects may make you feel alert in the beginning, gradually you will start feeling calm and sleepy. That is how it packs up a punch. It will lock you down.

Suggested Usage

As the strain is potent and has the tendency of locking you to your couch, do not use it if you have any plans. You won’t be able to see them when the effects are in the full swing. It is best used after a stressful day when you are looking to relax and sleep.

Product Information

Type: CBD Flower derived from Industrial Hemp.
Quantity: 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams



Casino Cookies CBD Hemp is packaged in a pharmaceutically tested white mylar bag that is sealed to ensure the freshness of the flower. It also makes sure that the odor and flavor remain intact. The bag is further placed in bubble wraps before inserting into appropriate mailer or envelope.

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