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CBD Oral Tincture – 1000mg CBD

CBD Oral Tincture – 1000 MG CBD | 30ml Oral Tincture

$95.99 $84.99

CBD Oral Tincture – 600 MG CBD | 30ml Oral Tincture

$69.99 $59.99
CBD Oral Tincture – 600mg CBD | 30ml Oral Tincture


Experience the benefits of naturally and organically grown Delta Botanicals’ CBD Oral tincture. Designed and packed with care, the tinctures come in four (Green, Purple, Golden, and Blue) colors. The products are Green labeled containing 300mg of total CBD. Other labels such as Gold contain 600 mg of CBD, Purple consists of 1,000 mg CBD, and Blue label contains 150mg CBD. Sized 30 ml, containing pure extracts of CBD derived from organic hemp source, the tincture goes through a process of rigorous testing in ISO-certified third-party labs.

Delta Botanicals CBD Oral Tincture contains cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and CBN with no traces of THC. Because the product derives the tincture through the process of clean extraction, it falls under the category of full-spectrum tinctures that contain naturally flavored terpenes and coconut oil as a base.

CBD Oral Tincture consists of hemp oil sourced from Colorado farms registered under the Industrial Hemp Program. While CO2 extractions eliminate the possibilities of contamination, the workforce at Delta works with the extraction parties on the field to obtain pure form hemp-derived CBD.

In addition to this, to ensure a smooth flow of quality tinctures, Delta Botanicals tests each tincture at a lab in Baltimore to produce an oil with a high cannabinoid profile. Furthermore, the product lab reports are extensively tested to ensure the absence of THC, additives, chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides.

CBD Oral Tincture Features

  • Serving size per dropper: 1 ml
  • Total amount: 30ml
  • Container: According to the label each bottle comes in four ( Green, Blue, Purple, Gold) different colored bottles with an easy to use dropper.
  • Ingredients: CBN, CBG, CBN, terpenes, and natural flavors
  • Cannabinoid strength: CBD (10mg), hemp oil (14 mg), CBN (<0.03%), CBG (0.12%)
  • Condition: Green label best serves mild conditions. Gold label best serves low to mild conditions, Purple label best serves severe condition, Blue label suited for vape administration due to low concentration of CBD.
  • No added artificial flavors mean zero PG/VG ratio
  • Non-GMO fractionated pure coconut oil
  • Effects: Noticed within 15 minutes
  • Administration: Best suits for sublingual administration but can be consumed through vape and oral methods.
  • Dropper attached to the top of the bottle for the efficient administration
  • Caters to conditions such as pain and inflammation. Kindly take the dose under medical supervision to alleviate the symptoms of a qualifying condition.
  • Comes with an up-to-date Certificate of Analysis
  • No toxic chemicals or residual solvents
  • Delivers the CBD advertised on all the four labels of the bottle.


How to use Delta Botanicals CBD Oral Tincture?

To efficiently use the CBD tincture for best results, shake the bottle for proper CBD mixing with the underlying liquid. Next, read the label for the amount of CBD your bottle contains and then take the dosage as supervised medically with the help of a dropper. Squeeze the dropper. Each dropper will serve 1 ml of the total CBD content inside the bottle. You can consume it orally, sublingually (under the tongue), or thorough vape. If taken sublingually, hold the liquid in your mouth for two-three minutes for improved absorption rate, and swallow. Wait for the effects to settle-in and use another dose as per requirement.

41 reviews for CBD Oral Tincture – 30ml Oral Tincture

  1. Liam Thompson

    This is one of the tinctures with a herbal taste. Started using to treat frequent breakout and other skin problems. Within a week, the texture of the skin improved and I was more attentive. Nice one.

  2. Noah Lopez

    A daily dose of CBD keeps me active throughout the day. After chemotherapy sessions, it has really helped me to live a normal life while dealing with the symptoms. It is a suitable formulation that has improved my health.

  3. Ethan Wilson

    Out of 5 CBD oil tinctures that I have tried before, this is the only one that has a pleasant taste. Now I don’t have a headache after a long day and my digestion has also improved.

  4. Mason Rodriguez

    Been using Delta’s tincture for more than a year. It is loaded with natural terpenes that restored my energy. I prefer taking it while going to sleep and wake up refreshed.

  5. Mary Martinez

    This tincture has the right amount of CBD to cope with the depression while juggling between office and kids. As the office resumed after stay-at-home orders, there was a shortage of staff, which added pressure to my job responsibilities. Due to this, my mental health suffered and I started overeating. Seeing this a friend of mine asked me to include two drops of this tincture in my diet and I noticed positive changes in me within a week. Would definitely recommend it to someone facing such issues.

  6. Ann Wright

    I sprinkle 2 drops on my breakfast every day. Impressed by the onset effects of this product which made me forget about the ailment completely.

  7. Eliza Ramirez

    After continuous migraine headaches, while looking for natural medicine for it, I ordered this tincture. Though I didn’t have any high expectations, this worked really well. Been using it for the last fifteen days by adding it in my juice, and had no headache from that time.

  8. Jane Lopez

    This is a quick-acting product. I keep two drops under my tongue for medicating myself with the best products. Monitoring my dose has helped me in getting the desired effects.

  9. Henry Clark

    I have been taking 1/2 dropper once a day after my pain killer stopped working. It is a good natural medicinal alternative, that has also improved my digestion.

  10. Samuel Jackson

    Loved the immediate effect of this tincture. I started taking it after my doctor recommended it to me.

  11. Rosanna Channel

    This just made my day-to-day battles easy even with an Injury. the good potency of CBD promotes recovery and relief. It is absolutely great for any type of pain.

  12. Jeffrey Flores

    One of the best CBD tincture that helped me with anxiety. Regular usage has helped me to control my panic attacks and stabilize my mood. Prompt delivery.

  13. Mark Wright

    One full dropper after the chemotherapy session helps me to live a normal life which is very difficult to cope up with. Liked how smoothly it shows effects on the symptoms.

  14. Daniel Allen

    Repurchased this owing to its potency. Delivered after two days. Highly recommended CBD Oral Tincture.

  15. Anthony Young

    I keep on trying various CBD tincture, but getting this was a steal. I put the full dropper of this while baking cookies and the potency of this remains till the time the entire box finishes.

  16. Madison Hill

    After the doctor’s recommendation, I choose this delivery method owing to its fast-acting properties. Within 15 days, my appetite improved and I felt better. This is an enriching formulation of cannabis.

  17. Emily Walker

    Ordered it after seeing the sale price, but didn’t expect much. Been taking tinctures for more than three years, I found this one very effective. Normally I have to take a dropper-full of them, but even a few drops of this provided me the same relief. I prefer diluting the drops with some water.

  18. Mia Ramirez

    I have been taking prescription medications to get relief from the backache for the last two years. Over time, their effectiveness reduced and I was looking for a safer option to get relief from it. As cannabis was legalized for medicinal use, so the doctor wrote an MMJ recommendation for me. After a week of usage, I can say it not only reduces the backache but has improved my digestion.

  19. Abigail Saxchez

    Due to continuous coughing, I had to switch from smoking cannabis to a safer option. So I tried this in order to deliver cannabis safely to the body. Though it took some time to show some effects as it has to be digested, I am quite satisfied with the way it worked on my body.

  20. Aiden Perez

    As I tried for the first time, so I choose this tincture as it has moderate potency. I started from one drop and is quite happy with the effects delivered within some minutes. Safe and effective.

  21. Jayden Martin

    Few drops of this CBD oil has a therapeutic effect on the body and mind. I hold this underneath my tongue for almost a minute before swallowing. However my day goes, I get a good night’s sleep after putting 2-3 drops in my glass of water.

  22. Rose Kisiner

    It was my best decision to order this full spectrum CBD oral tincture. It has zero psychoactive impacts and has an extended shelf, unlike CBD oil. It tastes quite good contributing to quick absorption when you put it under the tongue. Even micro-dosing is helping to get relieve stress and anxiety.

  23. Sam Buca

    This is my third time purchasing the tincture. I have been using Delta products for years now and if I trust one brand in the CBD industry it is Delta. Their products are amazing. This is such a good buy. It helps me relax and gives a sense of calmness. Got a great deal this time. Really happy.

  24. Layne

    I bought this product a few weeks ago and it has been helping my situation a lot. Definitely worth trying this one!

  25. Teresa Torres

    Fast action. Instant mood elevation and anxiety relief. Good for morning time use. Would like to try all flavors.

  26. Julia Lauer

    Pure cbd extract that works in the body instantly. Zero side effects. I would like to recommend this product for patients with insomnia and anxiety.

  27. Willie Campbell

    I’m taking this cbd oil daily before going to bed, and don’t wake up at midnight as I did previously. Will post another review for long-term effects.

  28. Grace Marlin

    Suffering from leg pain after a bike accident. Had taken some pain medications and also tried CBD oil. Pain gone. Will try only the oil and see if it works.

  29. Billy Anders

    After reading some reviews online, I ordered this product. Tried and felt like it helped me promote wellness. Thank you.

  30. Louis Acanda

    Like the product. Was on antidepressants for years, but it helped me get rid of them. Will try other flavors as well.

  31. Susan Woods

    Was diagnosed with chronic pain two years ago. Have tried medications, but was not satisfied with the results. This product delivered ultimate relief. Happy and satisfied.

  32. K. Henry

    Provide great anxiety relief. Noticed a significant difference in just three weeks. No side-effects and quick action. Happy with the purchase.

  33. M. Swift

    Got this product in just three days. Pure CBD extract that is helpful in providing relaxation and easing anxiety.

  34. James Kendall

    Really good stuff. Amazing flavor. After taking a few drops, anxiety and panic attacks are gone in seconds. Thank you so much.

  35. Salmon Gibson

    This seems to be a good-quality product. I used it regularly to manage my anxiety. It worked quite well as compared to other medications. Would continue taking it to reduce awful feelings without being sleepy.

  36. James Cowan

    This product is quite effective. When you take care of the dosage, it provides great pain relief. and. And, tastes better than expected. On-time delivery.

  37. Pete Sariya

    It is the third time I am buying this and I totally love the tincture. I purchased it to assist with my muscle and nerve pain issues that resulted from a fractured spine. It is really effective and the best part is that the effects last quite long.

  38. Collin Lindsey

    I ordered it for managing my back and leg pain issues. I did get excellent pain relief as well as a relaxing effect. Thank you so much for delivering good quality products.

  39. Sara Bellum

    I wasn’t expecting it to be delivered quickly because of the covid scenario but I received my order in just 2 days. The customer service was also very helpful. They helped me with my concerns and even offered a discount. Got a great deal. Really happy.

  40. Jayden Evans

    I’ve used multiple CBD tinctures in the past but this particular product by delta seems something that I can stick to for long. I mean it has everything a CBD product might offer you. The tincture has great taste, decent consistency, and the biggest thing- amazing effects. I personally found it inducing calm and relaxation within a few minutes of use. In my case, though, the effects weren’t as strong. But that might be because it was a 300mg bottle and I’m an avid CBD user. Hence, I’ve already developed tolerance. Next time, I’m going to order the 600 or 1000mg one. Overall, I’d surely give this product 4.5 out of 5 stars and would recommend every CBD user try it.

  41. Ali

    I currently have a mild case of social anxiety and my brother gifted me this to manage my condition. Saw some results in a few days of use only. Great product!

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