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Cloudious is shaking up the industry with the revolutionary Hydrology 9 portable vaporizer. Meticulous craftsmanship is an instant indicator that the Hydrology 9 is a portable vape like no other. Leak-proof water filtration smoothes and cools your vapors, while the integrated oven stir tool ensures your materials are always evenly vaporized. Aircraft quality aluminum refuses to rust, the won’t leak, and the porcelain oven and borosilicate glass deliver premium-quality vapor.

Hydrology 9 is packed full of features, but its still a snap to use. Remove bottom cap/stir tool, and load your freshly ground herbs into the oven, being mindful not to load past the top line. To not pack too tightly. Replace cap/stir tool. Now unscrew the mouthpiece, and after ensuring all parts are tightly screwed down, fill the reservoir halfway through the top portion.

The Hydrology 9 comes apart for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply unscrew all the parts, and clean all non-electronic parts with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Rinse all non-electric items with water to remove all traces of the alcohol. Allow to dry completely. The oven can be kept in prime operational order but using the included cleaning brushes to remove any buildup. Never bring the oven portion of the Hydrology 9 near moisture.

16 reviews for Cloudious Hydrology 9

  1. Jeff Huffman

    The Hydrology9 is a conduction vape with a built in bubbler. The oven is located on the underside of the device, along with a built in stir stick. It’s built with stainless steel, glass, and aluminum (the nice kind, not the soda can kind)

    During the month of usage, I never had any leaking issues. But it took some experimenting over the sink to get the tightness of the glass right. I’m a natural over-tightener and cranking it down tight onto the glass every time the unit needs to be cleaned makes me uneasy. But still no leaks and no broken glass.

    The vapor from this is just alright. It’ll produce some tasty hits, but they’re not always consistent and I think rapid-fire hits may overpower the heater. The built-in bubbler does filter the harshness and cools the vapor. The water tends to get stinky very quickly though, and if you let it go too long the smell really lingers. It gets 4 to 6 bowls per charge, depending on temps and session length.

    Verdict: It’s too much of a hassle for me to use as a daily user. My weekend stoner friends all loved it. It’s well made and a cool product, but not a must-have for me. I am looking forward to using party mode in an outdoor sharing scenario though.

  2. Zack L.

    Love this vaporizer. Looks really good. My boyfriend gifted me a couple of months back and I am hooked. The flavor remains consistent. Just think that the battery could have been better.

  3. Poppa Cherry

    I didn’t really expect it to be this good. Totally worth the price. Coming onto the website, I had a wonderful experience with them. The customer service executive was kind enough to help me with my concerns. The shipping was also on time. So yeah in a nutshell I definitely recommend this vaporizer.

  4. Peter Pants

    I got a great deal. I got the shipment on time and on a huge discount. Love the peak. The vapor is smooth and the taste remains consistent.

  5. Matthew R.

    Damn it’s good. Definitely one of the best portable vaporizers. Although a little bulky it still is my favorite portable vape. I got Mighty a few months back too from here only and these two truly are the best vaporizers I have tried.

  6. Susan Carney

    Pretty amazing. These people really are very hospitable. I had a lot of questions but their customer care executive was quite sweet. The delivery was also on time so fully satisfied.

  7. Jarred Juarez

    I have been using it for about two weeks now. Just adore this device. So smooth vapor and the flavor just hits perfectly. Really well built and it looks really good as well. Full package.

  8. Ray Fan

    This is the best portable vape I purchased in the last decade or so and I have tried many. From the arizer air series to da vinci, none of them compare to this. The quality of the vapor reigns supreme. The only downside is that it’s a bit bulky for a portable vape but nonetheless it’s totally worth the weight.

  9. Kristina Cuenca

    I think it is my new favorite vaporizer. The flavor on it just seems elevated.

  10. Estella Norris

    Vape and CBD delivered my order within the estimated time. I ordered the Cloudious Hydrology 9 vaporizer, after trying it at my friend۪s place. Thank guys for this product, it gets the right consistency.

  11. Robert Yeoman

    Purchased the Cloudious Hydrology 9 vaporizer from them just two weeks ago. The flavor is so exotic and it hits perfectly. Thank you.

  12. Mila Sutton

    The first time I tried Cloudious Hydrology 9, it was through a friend of a friend in a house gathering. I found its consistency real close to the bulky desktop vaporizers, which was great. He suggested vapeandcbd when I asked him about its source. I have to say that, product quality is great and thanks for a timely delivery.

  13. Freddie Gordon

    I love using this vaporizer due to its inbuilt water filtration system that gives me a peak-like and smooth vaping experience. And the best thing is that vapors get cooled easily because of the water, thus making the vapes even smoother for the lungs. And it has a good battery life also.

  14. Jamal Delgado

    I love the water cooling feature in it as it gives me a bong-like vaping experience. And its unique looking design, the great product quality, and the smooth delivery of vapors make the whole experience a refilling one.

  15. Rylee Hardy

    Beautifully designed and truly portable vaporizer. I liked the consistent taste and smooth vapor quality. Gave the one-star less for not having the temperature led display in it. No complaints apart from this. And thanks for delivering the product on time.

  16. Rhett Rios

    Got attracted by its aesthetically pleasing look in the first place. So, ordered it the same very moment as I was dying to use it. I love the way its leak-proof water filtration feature works, thus giving a cool and smooth vaping experience. And the best thing it takes only 20 seconds to heat up the herb.

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