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Cookies X G Pen Gio Battery

$22.99 $19.95

Crafty Vaporizer

$299.99 $279.00
Crafty Vaporizer



– Lightweight and sleek, the G Pen Nova has three heat settings that provide session customization and deliver pure, flavorful vapor.
– The Nova features an extended draw option, Sesh Mode, that is easily activated via a double to the single-button control. It runs for 15 seconds straight and allows for easy, on-the-go vaporization.
– Powered by a 300mAh battery, the Nova comes equipped with an integrated ceramic loading tool mouthpiece.

14 reviews for Cookies X G Pen Nova Vaporizer

  1. Scott Park

    This vaporiser produces good vape clouds. Even a 10seconds hit is enough to get a good high to calm down after a long day.

  2. Russell D

    This is one of the best vaporizers that I have ever used. It continuously makes flavorful vapes whose effects last for quite a long. Easy to carry in pocket.

  3. Timothy Mooney

    I am a first time user, so was Ok whether it did not have a good battery. But a regular users would find it very difficult to have 300mAH battery.

  4. Jaack Richardson

    I bough it after using it at a friends place. Impressed by how it works and convenient to carry, I ordered it from the vapeandcbd. Prompt delivery. top -quality product.

  5. Alexander

    Sleek body and lasts quite long. Even after regularly using it for a few months, it produces the same type of clouds. It is made in such a way to optimise the airflow for proper functioning of the unit.

  6. David Sweet

    It makes better vape clouds than the average vaporiser. And, doesn’t impact the lungs adversely. Every smoker shift should shift to this healthier option,

  7. W Hays

    One of the best vaporiser that I came across that produces potent clouds. Even a smal amount gives a flavorful hit.

  8. Kristopher

    I got this after seven days of placing the order. Really loved how it acts and relaxes me.

  9. Justin K

    I bought this vaporizer only because it gives the option to set the temperature. With which I can get a variety of hits.

  10. Dennis Strickland

    It heats up quite quickly within 15 seconds and then switches off automatically. Really liked how I feel the effects of it in my entire body, really like the relaxed feeling.

  11. K Manning

    As I have been vaping for a long time, I tried using it but was unable to change the voltage setting. So after trying a read the manual, that I need to triple-click to change it.

  12. B Aaron

    Though I really like the quality of clouds produced by this vaporizer, I was shocked to see that it could take only a grain-sized amount. So I have to refill again and again to get the get potent vapes.

  13. Mike Rogers

    I was not sure about this one but decided to buy it because I liked the way it looks. Received it today and I’m not disappointed. The design is sleek and good color. The battery is long lasting too. It’s a good grab.

  14. Ryan M.

    I’m not a person who regularly writes reviews, in fact this is my first review ever! But I wanted to say that this company was GREAT on Service. I had a problem – manufacturer defect on the first item I tried. They replaced it , no charge, with a upgraded unit, and now I am enjoying it daily. This is a great Vape, simple and aesthetic.

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