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Firefly releases its most advanced portable vaporizer ever — the Firefly 2+. The newest model of one of the most highly acclaimed vaporizers of all time features even more power and performance. The Firefly 2+ adds an innovative new airflow system and the best battery life ever on a Firefly. Known for delivering superb taste, the Firefly 2+ continues that legacy with some of the most efficient heating technology on the market.

Firefly’s patented heating technology – Dynamic Convection – moves smoothly up the temperature scale throughout each pull. This allows all the compounds within the plant or concentrate material to vaporize at their correct temperatures within each draw. This full plant experience allows the user to immediately taste and feel the difference.

The award-winning designers of Firefly 2+ crafted the body of the device from the same high-grade alloys used on NASA spaceships. The borosilicate glass bowl and vapor path help deliver pure flavor in addition to making the Firefly 2+ very easy to load and clean. The free smartphone app allows the user to fully customize airflow and temperature from 200 °F – 500 °F, although the temperature can also be adjusted on the device without the app.

20 reviews for firefly 2 plus vaporizer

  1. Jamie C

    The Firefly has a niche, it’s basically an updated MFLB. What other vape, that doesn’t have an Arizer-type stem, heats up in 3 seconds and immediately cools down so you can take another hit 5 or 10 minutes later? The Firefly is a modern small pipe. I love my FF2, it can be a little finicky at times but it gives the best flavor and is very easy to keep clean and maintain.

  2. Bradley Fraser

    I have tried conduction vaporizers earlier but used this convection vaporizer for the very first time. I must say this is damn good and it tastes fantastic. I gave the five stars for its instant heat-up time and for giving quick and perfect hits in just 30 seconds, making it a nice mini vaping session.

  3. Jeanet Curry

    I bought it after learning about its powerful, full convection heater. It’s great. I prefer taking slow draws to get full results.

  4. Clifford J Chapman

    While leaving, I am in hurry and took 2 3 draws quickly, however, didn’t really stronger effects. But after reading about it, I stirred before doing that, which really made a huge difference in making my vaping session enjoyful.

  5. Archie Cruz

    Really liked how well this performs with the concentrates. Highly recommended to those looking for a 2 in 1 good quality vaporizer.

  6. Maria curtis

    Over a few months of rigorous usage, I can say this is the best. It is exactly the same even after so much use, and the quality remains the same. Actually, everything seems like I am using it for the first time.

  7. ZHuber

    It has around 770maH. Completely happy with the durability, performance, and vapor quality.

  8. Amie Wells

    I ordered to keep this in my pocket for a long time. And, realized after using it regularly that it produces better quality vape clouds. One of the best vaporizer I have ever had.

  9. Frey Wright

    It is a nice, easy to use vaporizer. That helped me in managing the headaches after long exposure to the screen. However, after looking at the prices of other similar vaporizers available in the market, I found it to be bit expensive.

  10. Dexter Perez

    This is a pocket-friendly vaporizer that loads quite fast. Small size. Easy to use. Works efficiently. Produces efficient and tasteful clouds.

  11. J Thompson

    It is a good vaporizer that comes rechargeable battery, charging dock, concentrate pads, cleaning kit, and USB 3.0 cable. Had one of the best vaping experiences with this.

  12. Tom White

    Loved how this acts on the body. Acts very smoothly on me. Well-designed.

  13. Martin Harris

    Though it is large, can be easily carried to any place. And, the feature of taking a quick hit makes this vaporizer stand out.

  14. Emerson Sanchez

    Ordered it from the vapeandcbd website after someone’s recommendation. Produces good vapes but takes lots of time at times. The build is not as good as described.

  15. Lionel Clark

    The smartphone app of this vaporizer gives the option to select the temperature from 200°F to 420°F. And, you can increase it by 10 degrees each.

  16. D Ramirez

    One can easily use this for getting the smaller doses. I think this is the only available vaporiser that offers good minisessions.

  17. Alfie Scott

    Easy to use. Liked how the vapors act on my body and give relief from the chronic shoulder pain.

  18. Jody C

    This vaporizer is perfect to be taken by anybody at any time. Was surprised how effectively it worked on my mother’s health issues and makes like easy.

  19. Leigh Torres

    I got a small brush with this that is really helpful in cleaning the residue from the heating chamber. Occasionally I use alcohol-soaked wipes to clean the air path.

  20. Nguyen

    Bought it after the recommendation of the MMJ doctor and loved how it works on my headache. Though I was skeptical about buying it. I am impressed by its effects.

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