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The new updated G Pro Herbal Vaporizer 2017 Edition is sleeker, smarter, and stronger with a smaller build, a new color-coded LED display, an all-ceramic heating chamber, and an even more elegant, ergonomic design.
Unlike most portable vaporizers, the G Pen Pro vape by Grenco Science features convection heating, delivering clean-tasting, smooth, and flavor-rich vapor free of irritants. The G Pen Pro vaporizer features three presets, optimized for the most popular strains of dry herb. As you toggle temperature using the single-button interface, a new color-coded LED display shows which preset you’re on.
A large herb chamber, characteristic of Grenco Science vaporizers, gives you longer sessions with fewer reloads. Similar to its sister vape, the G Pen Elite, the G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer combines high quality materials, advanced heating, and intuitive usability to provide a discreet and satisfying vaping experience. G Pen Pro is one of the most affordable yet high performance portable vaporizers yet. As a testament to the quality of the G Pro vape, Grenco Science offers a 1-year warranty.
Click here for instructions on how to use the G Pen Pro.

A man stands in the grass vaping with the sleek, stealthy G Pen Pro
The new G Pen Pro 2017 Edition features a more compact and elegant design than its predecessor, making it perfect for vaping on-the-go. A new rubberized mouthpiece is smaller and flatter for a more pocket friendly experience while offering improved airflow. The G Pen Pro Herbal vaporizer boasts a smooth, solid exterior that feels comfortable in your grip, and a simple single button control that lets you toggle temperature and get vaping in just a few clicks. The G Pro vape is super compact, easy to hide in your hand, and won’t burden your pocket. Ideal for vaping on your feet, the G Pen Pro vaporizer is the perfect companion for enjoying dry herb in a discreet manner from pretty much anywhere. In addition to the pocket-friendly size of the G Pen Pro, the large chamber ensures you don’t have to reload dry herb as often in public, making for a more convenient, stealthy experience. The G Pro Herbal Vaporizer is an incredibly discreet portable vape that enables you to enjoy your favorite strains from almost anywhere.

Like the rest of the Grenco Science line of portable vapes, the G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer features a powerful battery and heating system. A fast heat up time enables you to take quick hits fast, perfect for enjoying vapor in short windows of opportunity. The smart battery has an auto-shut-off feature that turns the G Pen Pro vape off after three minutes of idleness, preserving battery power and preventing dry herb waste. The G Pro battery powers a convection heating system that delivers excellent vapor quality. When the G Pen Pro battery is fully charged, an LED light will glow green. And when it’s time for a charge, it will flash red 4 times. Grenco Science designed the G Pen Pro vape for on-the-go use, making sure that the battery life accommodates a busy lifestyle. Charge time is rapid with the G Pro Herbal vape, and the battery life is long, ensuring the unit can last through your day without requiring a charge.

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer features a convection heating system, a rarity among portable vaporizers. Rather than combust dry herb directly against a hot surface, the G Pen Pro vape sends hot air flowing through the herb chamber to vaporize its contents free of combustion and irritants. The heated air makes contact with more surface area than a conduction chamber can, which is how the G Pro vape creates milky, comfortable vapor. The new ceramic chamber is low conductivity so it won’t get hot and burn your dry herb. Instead, hot air seeps through air holes at the bottom of the chamber, vaporizing dry herb at a sweet spot beneath the point of combustion. The G Pro herb chamber is roughly 0.5 grams, much larger than the usual portable vape. You can enjoy longer sessions without the hassle of reloading frequently. The ample chamber of the G Pro vaporizer, coupled with the advanced convection heating system, makes G Pro the go-to vape for dry herb enthusiasts with busy on-the-go lifestyles.

The G Pen Pro vape features three optimized heat settings, Low, Medium, and High, with their own color codes reflected in an LED light. Operating the G Pro vaporizer is simple with a click-based single-button control. The G Pro Herbal heat settings are versatile enough to provide the perfect vapor profile, whether you enjoy small, flavor-rich hits on the low settings, medium-sized, mild draws on the middle setting, or big, robust rips on the highest setting.

The G Pro vaporizer is ideal for dry herb enthusiasts who want to enjoy excellent vapor on their feet. At an affordable price, the G Pro Herbal vaporizer offers much of the same features and performance of pricier vapes at a fraction of the cost. Grenco Science includes everything you need to consume delicious vapor on-the-fly, including a wallet grinder card and a USB charger. G Pro is the ultimate companion for dry herb lovers who want portability and great vapor without breaking the bank. The compact design, easy-to-use single button interface, optimized preset temps, high quality ceramic chamber, and powerful convection heating system combine to deliver a convenient, enjoyable, and altogether discreet experience.

24 reviews for G Pen Pro Vaporizer

  1. Tony Huynh

    I had a G Pro and it was so badass, worked super good for me. Never had any problems with it. I just had to take deep, long draws to actually get a HUGE hit. But other than that it worked perfectly for me.

  2. Yael Castillo

    As a beginner, the customer support staff told me to try this one. And it worked perfectly for me. It’s quite easy to use. And its single button helps in easily controlling the power and the temperature settings. And its long-lasting battery life makes the whole vaping experience a wonderful one. I prefer using it at 375-degree Fahrenheit to get the best vaping experience.

  3. Alexis Payne

    The pen feels very good quality. I had a problem with the glass mouthpiece of the previous model but this one has a rubber or silicone mouthpiece which is definitely better.

  4. Alan Lan

    It is very small, which is the reason I ordered it. After checking out various vaporizers, I ordered this to kickstart my vaping journey.

  5. Eli Lange

    Bought it after my friend was bragging about the efficacy of this vaporizer. But I didn’t really find anything extraordinary in this. Produces smooth vapes.

  6. Rayn Jennings

    One of the best vaping products in the entire industry. Would definitely be trying more of G pen vaporizer.

  7. D Vance

    Very similar to other products in the market. 3 temperature setting. Gets heated up in 30 seconds.

  8. Nathan More

    A good one that gives you the option to choose the temperature. There are different LEDs according to the temperature, Blue – 375°F, Green – 400°F, and Red – 428°, which is more than enough for a wider range of vapor preferences.

  9. Norton

    There is an improvement in vapor quality, a few drags of it have a stronger effect on the body. The flavor is good in the starting but goes very quickly.

  10. Maxwell Moore

    Better vapors but the taste and warm like the older version. This is honestly a lot like the original version with good quality vapes.

  11. Levi Dudley

    It gets the job done very well. No overheating issues like the other vaporizer available in the market.

  12. J Werner

    Good mouthpieces but does not give any dense hits. Bit expensive.

  13. Zev

    Got a great deal. The size is very similar to Pax 3. Love the quality vape sessions using this.

  14. Jeffrey Funk

    Gives a good 40 minutes of continuous use. And the rest depends on the temperature level on which you use your vaporizer. Takes around 2 hours to be completely charged.

  15. Maxim Ford

    It is very small, can be kept anywhere easily. Fits the pocket. Durable and affordable unit producing tasty vapes.

  16. Lipa

    Good battery life. I charge it once a week and take 2-3 vapes every day. I am glad I ordered this.

  17. D Childer

    I am a chain smoker but was planning to switch for a healthier and safer alternative. Found it quite easy to use and lasts long.

  18. Tazi Long

    This vaporizer has three temperature so that everyone can set the temperature accordingly. And first-time users can experiment to fit the perfect setting.

  19. Dylan Hill

    It is the size of the palm, pretty easy to use, and helps gives great draw even at the lowest setting. One can easily manage vapor production according to their preference.

  20. Joshua

    This vaporizer didn’t exceed expectations. I have been using the original G-Pro for a long time and found it very similar to it. However, it is quite reasonably priced on the vapeandcbd website.

  21. Justin Daves

    A super small vaporizer that I bought at a sale price. Great filter. Works well. I prefer the middle temp to burn the herb and get the desired effects.

  22. Clayton Strickland

    This is a very easy to carry product. But within a few uses, I have to charge it again, which takes some time.

  23. Drew

    Quite small, easy to carry or keep in the pocket. Gives a decent draw, loved how it acts, impressed by the vapor quality.

  24. Dylan Hill

    Top-quality vapors. Decent performance. The battery lasts long. I found this vape pen a perfect mini vaporizer that every regular user should owe.

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