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Herbalizer – Aromatherapy Vaporizer

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Herbalizer - Aromatherapy Vaporizer


Herbalizer is a vaporizer with a class of its own. After four years of research and development, the vaporizer comes out with high quality and efficiency in mind. The Herbie vaporizer enables consistent, high-quality vapor as it has an in-air temperature sensor, and a lightning-fast heater correctly maintains your set point. No matter how fast you draw the air. Therefore, enabling precise extractions and potency control. Not to forget the luxury of a touchscreen LCD, all the features in Herbie makes it a perfect contender to the mighty Volcano Vaporizer.

First and only of its kind, the Herbie is a practical and compact desktop vaporizer. Designed and assembled in the USA, the vaporizer can vaporize herbs, waxes, and oils. Developed by ex NASA engineers through years of research and development, the Herbie vaporizer is a vaporizer that is not only futuristic in its looks; it comes with futuristic features too.

Smart design
The Herbalizer is coming with a clamp shell design, making it compact and practical at the same time. It keeps everything in place and even has extra compartments to store herbs. The cleaning tool, silicone whip and the oil pad is already in the vaporizer. It is crucial to keep all the small things together as it prevents loss.

LCD Touch Screen
Not another vaporizer with an LED screen, the Herbie is full of colors! It is equipped with an LCD touch screen, displaying temperature, time left (aromatherapy), and little arrow points on a rainbow of color according to the temperature level.

Dual Function
The Herbie vaporizer has two function modes:

  • Vapor-therapy mode: This mode is for vaporizing; you can do it with either the balloon or the whip, or also freestyle if you want to.
  • Aromatherapy mode: It lasts for one minute to one hour. Put a few drops of aromatherapy oil on pad provided and follow the guide.

The Herbie heats up to a temperature of 444°F within 30 seconds. The vaporizer provides precise temperature control and memorizes the last temperature set, making it ready for the next usage. It has 300W halogen energy and temperature sensors that make it different from other desktop vaporizers.

2 reviews for Herbalizer

  1. Lauren J Rollins

    I own a herbie and use my friends Volcano often. The herbalizer is much better for solo use or 2 people. It works great and it heats up in 5 seconds. The fan is low volume and can take a minute to fill the bag especially if the top screen is gunked up with shot. The whip functionality is second to none it’s so smooth. The temperature control is amazing. Low temp high flavor. High temp for a stronger effect. The herbalizer bowl is much smaller than the volcano too. Like half the size but the vapor quality is still excellent. Side by side you couldn’t tell a difference aside from the look of the balloon. I feel like I conserve a lot more material with herbie.

    There are things I like about the volcano too. It’s a brick shithouse of a unit. It takes a while to heat up but it isn’t unreasonable. Just not insanely fast like herbie. The volcano fan is much more powerful and can fill balloons faster. The balloon system on the volcano is better than the squeeze valves on herbie but they are essentially comparable. You can’t use a whip on the volcano.

    Overall do you want a sleeker unit for one or 2 that has better control and whip/balloon functionality. Or a brick that does the job well and is great for bigger groups and balloons only.

  2. James Holt

    Herbalizer’s price could be overwhelming for some of us, but 10 points on its vape consistency; its A-class.

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