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Jet Fuel OG CBD Hemp Flower


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Jet Fuel CBD, also known as G6 and Jet Fuel OG, comes from the family of Sativa Hybrids.

It’s perfect for occasions where you need a strong and quick boost for your mood and energy levels. Its fast working aspect makes it ideal for people who need immediate results.

Jet Fuel CBD hemp flower has dense and sticky buds with slight tones of muted yellow that overwhelm the eyes as well as the olfactory senses. Going by its name, the Jet Fuel CBD hemp flower offers a strong diesel scent that forms a primary part of its identity.


Jet Fuel is an offspring of High Country Diesel (Indica dominant) and Aspen OG (Hybrid), both of which are strong strains in their respective categories.

High Country Diesel has a gasoline scent and delivers relaxing effects that may leave you locked to the couch. On the other hand, Aspen OG has an earthy and sweet aroma that energizes you in the beginning and gets you to sleep by the end of the day. Cross-breeding the two formed a strain that has a high CBD concentration, pungent aroma and strong effects.

Jet Fuel acquired the characteristics of its lineage to give you a Sativa dominant strain that is very effective and federally legal.

Cannabinoid Strength

Total Cannabinoids: 33.30 %

CBD: 31.20% or 312.00 mg/g
THC: 0.30% or 3.04 mg/g
CBD to THC ratio: 94.13:1

Terpene Profile



Aroma and Flavor

As soon as you open the box of Jet Fuel, you will get a gush of strong smell that is a combination of earthiness, skunkiness and gasoline scent with hints of sweetness. As for the flavor, you will get a taste of diesel and pine with hints of sweet berry in the end. Both the flavor and aroma is strong but very pleasant.



If your condition requires a high CBD strain, Jet Fuel is a good choice. It is ideal for delivering relaxation and clearing the mind to improve focus. It is a fast-acting strain that will start showing effects within a few minutes. It eliminates any physical discomfort and leaves you awake, focused and uplifted.

The best part is that you get all the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the psychoactive high of THC. With 0.3% THC, Jet Fuel passes the limitation of the Farm Bill and becomes a federally legal strain that will not give you a couch locking high. This aspect makes it a perfect daytime strain that will get you through your busy hours smoothly.

Suggested Usage

Jet Fuel is a better match for a CBD veteran instead of a novice. Apart from having a bitter and tangy taste that appeals more to experienced consumers, the pasty feeling after a drag may cause a cough reflex which may not be a preference for beginners.

It’s strong in effects but under the right supervision, you can get the necessary relaxation from the strain.


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