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Jet Fuel OG CBD Hemp Flower

Jet Fuel OG CBD Hemp Flower


Kandypens C box mini

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Bursting with glamour, the limited edition Amber Rose is a vaporizer designed by model and fashion icon, Amber Rose. Designed with three premium concentrate attachments and universal 510 threading, it is extremely efficient and powerful. The all-quartz crystal coilless chamber heats at a lower temperature to produce maximum flavor extraction without combustion, while the dual quartz rod atomizer with a quartz crystal chamber creates big, billowing clouds of thick vapor. The refillable glass tank has a capacity of .5 mL and delivers smooth, delicious hits.

Vapor quality and flavor are magnified by Sesh Mode. Simply double-tap the control button and Sesh Mode will be activated, providing 10 seconds of continuous, smooth vapor. Packaged in a collector’s gift box, the Amber Rose is housed in a leather case adorned with a geometric rose design and gold trim.

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  1. Dorothy Tisdale

    The packaging is beautiful. It looks great in hand. The vapors are very dense and effective too. The battery lasts a long time which is perfect for me.

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