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Kandypens C box mini

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KandyPens has a reputation of being one of the more innovative vape companies and the Crystal, boasting a stronger-than-usual battery and innovative quartz bucket, is its latest brainchild. Coming in at around four inches in height the KandyPens Crystal is great for mobile vapers, and the 900mAh battery ensures you can session all day long without having to recharge. The borosilicate glass mouthpiece, innovative bucket coil design, and four temperature options work together to let you experience every aspect of your material.

23 reviews for Kandypens crystal

  1. Jacqueline Murphy

    This product makes dabbing very easy. I don’t need to carry a torch to light up the shatter anymore It is also pretty easy to clean and maintain which leaves any chances of having a scorched coil taste while dabbing.

  2. Perez

    I like the battery life of the vaporizer. It lasts for a whole day long in a single charge. The design is so sleek and compact that makes the whole dabbing experience a nice one.

  3. Giovanny Hart

    The vaporizer fits easily in my pocket and I can use it whenever I want to. The high-end design just like a pen makes the vaporizer more convenient to use.

  4. Alan Green

    Love the quality of vapes of my Kandypens crystal. As the name says, it’s pen-like shape helps in having a tight grip on the vaporizer.

  5. Megan Barr

    Buying the vaporizer from my first salary was the biggest mistake made. The vapors are too harsh and the vaporizer gets hot quickly, making it more difficult to hold.

  6. SS. Walker

    I had earlier used the Kandypens Elite and wanted this one to be good as well. But I didn’t like the quality of vapors at all.

  7. Connor

    I like that the vaporizer heats up in just 10 seconds and the slim design gives me a discreet vaping experience.

  8. Sam Owen

    I like the temperature setting feature of the vaporizer the most as with it I can easily control the density of the vapors.

  9. Sarah

    I was a little skeptical about buying the vaporizer at this price. But the amazing vapor quality made me wrong and now I’m relieved that I’ve bought the right vaporizer.

  10. Lee p

    I did like the flavor of the vaporizer but the hits were not intense even at the highest temperature setting. I will look for another vaporizer that gives more potent hits.

  11. P Knight

    The product I received had battery issues. The battery drained in a few hours. I was disappointed with the product.

  12. J. Walker

    The single button temperature setting makes it easier to use. It is very easy to clean the vaporizer. Plus the long-lasting battery gives an overwhelming experience.

  13. T. Simonson

    I like the adjustable airflow feature of the vaporizer the most as it gives the vapor quality more potent and dense.

  14. Rob Cornett

    The vapor production of the vaporizer is very thin and the atomizer gets very hot. Would not recommend it to anyone.

  15. Danni Moore

    The vaporizer produces tasteful and smooth vapors. It is super easy to use and has a quick heat up time.

  16. Gloria Diaz

    I had never tried any vaporizer till the time my colleague recommended this one. This pen is good for me and gives a better airflow and potent and smooth hits.

  17. Gabby

    One of the best portable vaporizers that produce strong vapes. And quite small in size, easy to keep in the pocket.

  18. K Williamson

    Bought it after using it at a friend’s place. Works well with the herbal concentrates.

  19. Jody91

    Got it from the vapeandcbd website at a discounted price. In 5 rapid clicks, I get potent clouds that are enough to manage my anxiety for the next six hours.

  20. Ken Holman

    Ordered it after hearing about the excellent battery of the portable vaporiser. However, after a week’s usage, I have to this produces one of the best clouds compared to desktop vaporizers and vape pens.

  21. Brynn W

    As compared to other portable vaping devices, its coils last long up to 1-2 weeks. Only if you take proper care, it can last a few days more.

  22. Kohn Hutchinson

    I bought this after seeing the videos of unscrewing to add the battery. After uncapping the pen cap, you just have to remove the case.

  23. Kerry

    The product is worth the money you spend. And, is one of the best quality vaping device available at this pricing. And is easy to use with dry herb, oil, and wax.

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