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KandyPens Slim Vaporizer

Kandypens Slim Vaporizer

$45.99 $34.95

Magic Flight | Muad-Dib Vaporizer

$129.99 $119.00
Magic Flight | Muad-Dib Vaporizer


Strictly for waxy oil vaping, the KandyPens Elite offers top-tier vapor production with an elegantly compact design for vaping on-the-go. This sophisticated wax pen includes advanced wax atomizers, leak proof technology, an upgraded mouthpiece with an air carb, and a deep-dish wax chamber for longer sessions. The KandyPens Elite offers the very best in wax concentrate vaporization, with a sleek build that’s free of glues or dyes and available in two impressive Ceramic/Gold color combinations. This is the ultimate wax pen for waxy oil aficionados with a penchant for vaping about town.

The KandyPens Elite is a little wax pen with power. The Elite wax pen allows you to seamlessly toggle through heat settings using a simple one-button control. The temperature controlled battery, which features a 510 threaded connection, boasts four temperatures–one more than the KandyPens MINI–optimized for the most popular types of wax as well as various vaping styles.

From small, sweet hits to big, intense draws, the KandyPens Elite delivers a wide range of wax vaping experiences. Users can choose between 300°, 350°, 390°, and 430° with a few clicks of a button. A ten second auto-shutoff safety feature prevents the wax pen from overheating and preserves battery power for what really matters–vaping precious waxy oils like crumble and concentrate to perfection. There’s a lifetime warranty on the KandyPens Elite battery, showing how much confidence the manufacturer has in their latest wax pen.

The KandyPens Elite wax pen comes with two of the most popular wax atomizers in the game. A ceramic coilless atomizer vaporizes wax very efficiently with a wide surface area and low temperature capability. The ceramic dish vaporizes wax slow and low, producing smooth vapor that’s free of combustion. For “true vapor

2 reviews for KandyPens | Elite Vaporizer

  1. Martha Jonas

    The pen works great and has a solid built. It creates great clouds and has flavor too. It just needs regular cleaning to avoid an unpleasant burnt or metal taste.

  2. Gloria Swindell

    The website has become my go to place for CBD accessories. I bought the KandyPens Elite Vaporizer and have been a regular customer ever since.

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