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Mary's Nutritionals - Whole Pet Gel Pen

Mary’s Nutritionals – Whole Pet CBD Buddy Balm (75mg) 2.6oz.

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Formulated to address a variety of your pet’s skin problems including dry skin, cracked nose or paws and surface wounds.
Mary’s Nutritionals Whole Pet Buddy Balm (75mg) 2.6oz.

39 reviews for Mary’s Nutritionals – Whole Pet CBD Buddy Balm (75mg) 2.6oz.

  1. Riley

    The vet recommended this gel pen for my dog who has pain in his paws and is very reluctant to move but is unable to because of the severe pain. This product has really helped him and is a natural and effective pain relief for him.

  2. Ash Burke

    It is very effective in healing my dog’s pain who is undergoing chemo. Not only that it helps in relieving the nauseatic feelings induced due to chemo.

  3. K Leslie

    The gel helps perfectly in reducing the anxiety issues of my pet. Whenever I used to take him to the vet, his anxiety levels increased to a great extent. But he feels good and gets the gel easily applied on his ears. And within just half an hour, he feels very calm and relaxed. I’m happy that I don’t have to take him to the vet anymore for my pt’s problem.

  4. Erin J Stewart

    The product is not only expensive to buy but it didn’t work as expected. Didn’t benefit my little cat with her anxiety issues.

  5. Aubrey Butler

    My 7-year-old guinea pig suffered from the problem of arthritis for quite some time. But all thanks to Mary’s Gel Pen, which perfectly heals her pain. on applying the gel to her ears once daily, I noticed that she could walk properly and seemed like a young and happy piggy.

  6. Clem Walsh

    I received a faulty product first and on contacting the customer support, I got it replaced by them. I used the gel on my rabbit, who had pain in his legs. And within just half an hour, he was running like a baby in the house. Truly amazing product and customer support.

  7. Bennie Webb

    The first time I used the product for my cat it came out like a clear gel but after that every time it is coming in cream form. And it didn’t work in soothing my cat any time.

  8. Perez

    I just love this product and even my dog does it. The gel pen is so easy to use and is so effective and helps my dog with the pain and at the same time heals the torn ACL. He feels quite peaceful and relaxed on applying the gel to his ears.

  9. Emma Lee

    I’ve been using this amazing gel pen for my 8-year-old guinea pig. She has a problem of arthritis and for a few months now the pain is accompanied by seizures as well. on applying the gel twice a day, the seizures almost lowered to a great extent. And even pain gets relieved with it.

  10. Henry Lewis@gmail.com

    Even after using the gel regularly, my cat didn’t find any kind of relief. It didn’t work in providing pain relief to my cat at all.

  11. Joseph.J

    My dog suffers from the problem of seizures and the gel pen helps in calming and soothing him down. after using the gel on his ears, he feels comfy enough to get around.

  12. Kenny Young

    It works great for both my cats as they are getting older. The gel pen has become a part of my first-aid kit as I use it very often for my cats. This one really helps me a lot in relaxing my cats down.

  13. EmmaBell

    My dog suffers from arthritis pain in his back and he becomes sedentary because of the pain. Mary’s Gel is really a pain relief. On rubbing the gel on his ears, he feels active and relieved.

  14. Allen King

    The gel pen didn’t work for my guinea pig. She feels nervous and anxious sometimes and when I rubbed this gel on her ears, there was very little reduction in her nervous behavior.

  15. J.Cale

    My little bunny has issues in his blader. And this gel pen is really a blessing. It relieves him from the pain in only 15 minutes and he starts running around the whole house getting relieved. Thank you vape and CBD for delivering a holistic pain reliever for my pet.

  16. SS. Walker

    My dog has issues in his joints and even feels nervous sometimes. So, I rub a pea size of the gel in his ears and he feels spirited in just 10 minutes. The product is completely safe for pets and my dog also likes it as it provides relief to him.

  17. Emily

    This is the only thing I use for my old age cat that gets anxious at times. I just put a little amount of the gel in her ears and within 20 minutes I can tell that it is helping my cat. Though a little pricey, it is very beneficial and I will always buy this only for my pet.

  18. Leigh

    My pug had a problem going up and down the stairs and moving around the house due to severe pain in his legs and paws. And after using the CBD drops he can not only jump and run in the stairs but also goes here and there with ease. I put the drops every morning and evening in his food.

  19. Grace harrell

    Although customer support is quite helpful, they did answer all the queries I had no clue of, the product didn’t meet my expectations at all. The drops didn’t help my pet with his problem of anxiety.

  20. Jaimee

    My pet has been in really bad shape because of his chronic hip pain. And nothing has helped him much and eases his pain as the CBD drops. The product puts a smile on my pet’s face.

  21. judy Rigby

    My Rottweiler loves the benefits and most importantly the taste of the CBD drops. I ordered a 900mg bottle to get a proper dose for a couple of days. The bottle actually is big in size and the drops are effective enough to help my dog with his arthritis pain.

  22. Owen Huff

    Pleased with how the product has helped my old labrador get around. Glad to have the product for my dog.

  23. Tyler

    I’ve been spending most of my time controlling the seizures of my 9-year-old dog and was literally worried the night she had 20 continuous episodes. And I badly cried when the vet told me that she might pass away because of her seizures. But I’m highly thankful to the CBD drops that saved my dog. Not only that, it has helped her in getting peace and relaxation. My pet now feels happy and the seizures also decreased to great extent.

  24. J Estrada

    My dog has the problem of seizures and on a friend’s recommendation, I bought this product for helping out my dog. But even after using it for the entire week, I did notice any change in his condition. Had better expectations from the product.

  25. G Aaron

    The dropper helps in easily putting the drops in my pet’s mouth. I use the drops whenever he has pain in his hip. It helps in keeping my pet relaxed, free from pain, and happy as well. Would definitely recommend the product.

  26. Daniel M

    My 12-year-old Pitbull loves the CBD drops as it keeps him active and calms him with his anxiety. I just put a few drops in his mouth daily in the morning. He loves the taste of the drops as well.

  27. Alexis

    My cat had eczema and I tried this balm for healing it. I had high hopes for this product but it failed in healing my cat’s skin condition. The packaging was good and got the product on time but the balm was not effective.

  28. P Collin

    This balm is really different and works fabulously for the cracked paws of my dog. Even my dog loves being moisturized by this balm.

  29. Jaycee M.

    I am amazed at how well this CBD balm works for my pet. She has dry skin and gets cracks easily. But this balm moisturizes her skin perfectly and heals the flakes and cracks also.

  30. William

    Works amazingly for my cat’s cracked skin and heels. Not at all thick and is so easy to apply. It does a good moisturizing job on my cat’s skin.

  31. Pete

    Both I and my dog love this balm as it keeps his sensitive skin moisturized and away from skin problems. Worked just as expected.

  32. Harry

    I bought this on my friend’s recommendation as it helped his dog but I didn’t saw noticeable changes in my dog’s cracked paws and elbows.

  33. Oscar

    My pet had cracked paws due to his old age but after applying this CBD balm, he has got instant relief and even the cracks have started healing.

  34. Raul

    My dog was suffering from eczema, so I ordered this balm to give it a try. I must say it has helped him a lot in healing the skin condition. It is just like a daily moisturizing balm for him.

  35. Rob Diaz

    I was super-excited about using this product on the cracked skin of my pet but felt very disappointed as it didn’t heal the skin at all. Had to look for some other product for my pet.

  36. Jalen

    It is pretty much effective and has perfectly healed my dogs cracked skin. Even my dog loves the balm.

  37. Abel

    I apply this moisturizing balm on my dog’s cracked skin. It soothes him a lot and works perfectly for him.

  38. Sienna Sharp

    My little munchkin was a little sad because of her cracked heels. But on applying the whole pet CBD balm, she feels so enthusiastic and is also running around in the house.

  39. Barbara

    This moisturizing topical is very effective for my cats daily skin nourishment. Even she loves the balm being applied to her.

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