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pax 3 Vaporizer – Basic Kit

$209.99 $199.99

Platinum CBD Oral Tincture – 3000 MG CBD

$235.00 $225.00
Platinum CBD Oral Tincture – 3000mg CBD


Lightweight and pocket-sized, the PAX Era is a complete system that pairs with the PAX SimpleClick™ interchangeable pods. Switch out your extract pod in seconds; easy-to-use and with a stealthy-sized frame, the Era delivers seamless sessions. Featuring a no-button interface, this oil vaporizer responds instantly, meaning it is always ready whenever you are. Compatible with the PAX Mobile App, the Era can achieve precise temperatures, enabling the user to explore various flavor profiles and vapor amounts. Made from high-quality materials in a sleek form, the Era was built to last.


  • No-Button Interface For Instant Device Response
  • Lightweight & Pocket-Sized
  • Sleek Form Factor
  • Pairs With PAX SimpleClick™ Interchangeable Pods
  • Total Control Via Bluetooth App


  • 1x Device
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Sticker

20 reviews for PAX ERA

  1. Jacquelyn W

    This is one of my favorite herbal vaporizers as it gives me a relaxing session. The battery is simply superb.

  2. K Hegel

    I really like the consistency of the vapes. And the way it gives potent hits and big draws.

  3. Arianna Barcomb

    The battery life is good, but I didn’t like the quality of the vapors. The vapors were not potent as well.

  4. Jonathan Sanchez

    I like using the vaporizer at a lower temperature setting, as it is very flavorful. And the vapors are thick and good.

  5. Harry Reyes

    The Bluetooth feature is really a good one as it not only helps me with the temperature settings but also the single press button for safety lock is simply incredible.

  6. Diana

    I am a heavy concentrate user and this is why I didn’t like the quality of vapes at all.

  7. Mary Kilman

    This one is a highly portable and discreet vaporizer and I really like the potent hits and the thick vapor clouds it provides. It simply tosses in my pocket and with battery charged and oil in my pod, I can use it anytime I want. Also, I can easily take the vaporizer with me where I want.

  8. Louis Cowell

    The pods last longer and don’t even break. The vaporizer is so easy to carry and remains charged the whole day long.

  9. Emily J

    Don’t go for this one if you are an experienced user or are looking for any kind of relief. Totally not worth its cost.

  10. M Anderson

    The Pax Era is a solid vaporizer. Pairing with the app is so easy. Never had any problem with the pod and never needed a second battery.

  11. Jeffrey

    I just love this vaporizer as it is very convenient and it is one of my favorites as it is not harsh and has nice vapor quality.

  12. Michael Hill

    Either the Pax is not working properly or there’s some issue with the cartridge. The vaporizer doesn’t draw. Gives very thin hits that are not effective.

  13. William Scott

    The vaporizer never leaks. I can use it wherever I want, be it concerts, watching movies, or even in my washroom. It is so handy and discreet. I liked the customer service and the delivery process as well.

  14. Ben Torres

    The vaporizer is so easy and simple to use and even delivers potent hits. Extremely lightweight and has an app that works perfectly with my iPhone. Been using it for 1 year or so, and have never faced any issues, be it the battery or the pod.

  15. Timothy Leary

    I felt disappointed on receiving a faulty product and when I tried calling customer support for a replacement but didn’t get any kind of response from their end.

  16. Susan White

    The device gives tasty and flavorful hits than any other cartridges of the same style. It is so easy to load and most importantly gives total control over the temperatures. This vaporizer from the time I bought it has become my standard for vaping cannabis.

  17. Jeremy Davis

    I like that the vaporizer is lightweight and is not at all bulk in size like other vaporizers, which makes it portable and convenient to use. I wish it had temperature settings on the vaporizer itself instead of the app.

  18. Casey Irwin

    The PAX is so discreet. It hides in my hands and is super easy to use. I’ve been using the Pax3 earlier but I must say that the ERA version is simply working perfectly for me and I end up using it always.

  19. J Ritchie

    I am amazed by the great experience this vaporizer gives. And the app fine-tunes my vaping experience more. And I love that there is no push button and I can easily control the temperatures with the mobile app. I’ve used other vape cartridges before but the PAX ERA pods are simply the best.

  20. Bono Allen

    Been using it for almost a month and this one is so far the best prefilled cartridge vape pen I’ve used. I like to puff the PAX as it gives potent hits and keeps me buzzed every time I use it. Even the battery is nice and lasts longer. The only issue I face is sometimes it takes longer to sync the Bluetooth app in my phone.

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