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The Puffco Peak is an electronic, smart e-rig that offers convenience and efficiency in a highly portable design. Controlled by a single button on the front of the device, the Peak features a handblown glass chamber that provides water filtration and vapor diffusion.

Battery-powered, the Peak delivers powerful dabs without the need of a torch. Fast and long-lasting, the battery fully charges in two hours and lasts for about 30 sessions.
With an average heat-up time of 20 seconds, this device has four unique heat settings that enable the user to explore a variety of flavor profiles and cloud sizes. Temperature feedback is delivered by a changing spectrum of light from the LED light band; the Peak vibrates when it’s hot and ready, and again when the heat cycle is complete, letting the user know that the bowl will slowly cool.

21 reviews for Puffco-Peak

  1. Peter Pants

    I got a great deal. I got the shipment on time and on a huge discount. Love the peak. The vapor is smooth and the taste is very consistent.

  2. Kieran B.

    My favorite thing about this vaporizer is the smart e-rig and the tasty and potent hits it gives.

  3. Gavriel O’Brien

    I’ve been using around five e-rigs in six months but at last, landed on my favorite Pufco peak vaporizer due to the bunch of hits.

  4. martin

    Didn’t work at all. Probably because of the battery problem. Have asked the support for an exchange.

  5. Morgan

    Did work well for around a month but it short-circuited the other day. Felt very disappointed.

  6. Jenny Mesny

    This is so convenient to use and the battery strength is very impressive. It easily fits in my backpack. I love the potent hits it gives.

  7. Oto Garcia

    I was honestly skeptical about buying it in the sale but the product is working perfectly and I am more than happy at having it.

  8. Laura

    I received a broken product, so contacted the support staff for an exchange or a refund. The staff was very supportive. And they are shipping the product again.

  9. Bettie Kohler

    I like the taste very much. I use it at 450 °F to have a nice experience of flavor full of light clouds.

  10. Dylan M.

    I love the dabs of this atomizer. It delivers great massive hits and is the best one in my collection.

  11. Micah Gibson

    Extremely happy on having it in my collection of vapes. I even got a discount as well. As far as the performance is concerned, it is pretty good, you can actually take some potent hits from the rig.

  12. andrew howland

    Exactly what I expected it to be, very potent and nice flavor with thick clouds. Only the price is a little higher, rest all is good.

  13. Micheal P.

    It’s just wow. It’s way better than the other portable devices I’ve been using. Gives the best hits.

  14. Joey W.

    It was working ok but after 10 days, the wax stopped producing any smoke and didn’t heat up at all. It was way toooo expensive.

  15. Nick

    I wish the battery lasted a little longer. The puffs were not that strong. Doesn’t even heat up properly sometimes.

  16. Juliio Padilla

    I’ve been using it for a month now and it is totally worth the price. It takes less than 30 seconds to heat up and provides me with the biggest clouds of vapor.

  17. manuel

    I simply love it. It works great and I love using it again and again. This is one of the best smoking devices I have. Even got my delivery on time.

  18. biglucks

    I like the size of the vaporizer and it is so convenient to use. Feels solid and gives pretty good tokes. Highly impressed with the product.

  19. Fatt Wlatz

    It is rightly said good things come in small packages. And my puffco vaporizer is perfectly suited for this quote. I love using it every day. No complaints at all.

  20. David Z.

    It is the greatest smart e-rig I’ve ever purchased. So easy to use and clean as well. I wish the price was a little less.

  21. Christian

    The ease of using this product and its versatility is completely unmatched. It incorporates everything, great flavor, and taste, long-lasting battery, portable, and much more.

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