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Rainbow Kush Delta 8 Syringe

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Raw CBD 500 MG Gummies

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500 MG Gummies


A sweet, chewy Vegan CBD gummy that’s loaded with 40mg of full-spectrum CBD. Make your CBD dose something to look forward to with these delicious treats that you won’t be able to resist!

CBD edibles are becoming increasingly popular, due to their wide range of benefits and positive effects they have on the body. Apart from being extremely tasty, they are a simple and discreet way to take your daily dose of CBD.



Enhancing mental & physical well-being

Helping to relieve body pains and stiffness

Helping to maintain calmness

A relaxing and restful sleep.

Contains ~ 40 mg/piece

Net Weight: 4 oz – 1000 mg

19 reviews for Raw CBD 1000 MG Vegan Gummies

  1. Clyde Tartar

    CBD oil, and CBD tinctures are not what children can easily take up. But, the CBD gummies are colorful and have different flavors that make it enticing for the children to eat. So, I give these CBD gummies to my four years old son who is epileptic. It has only been a few days now and it is really helping him.

  2. Francis

    This is my third time using CBD gummies, I have bought them for my anxiety issues. I had read the benefits of them but I could only experience and believe it once I started eating it. I had spoken to my healthcare professional and he recommended me to add in my diet and get rid of the anxiety troubles.

  3. Bruce

    I have trouble sleeping during the night because of my constant thinking of several things. But, using these CBD gummies is just a playful way to induce sleep and have a healthy sleep cycle along with a goodnight’s sleep that I have been looking for for quite a while. CBD gummies have not helped me improving sleep but have also made me so active and energetic the entire day to carry on any big or small tasks within a click.

  4. Richard jones

    The tastiest and the best quality CBD gummies I have had. It is perfect and the best way to curb my pain and not lose my taste buds. The best part is that it is of supreme quality and has improved several of my health issues within a click.

  5. Willie heron

    Loved how smoothly it acts on my mind and relieves all the stress. One square is sufficient for me to go through the day.

  6. K Judy

    These are good quality vegan gummies full of nutrients. Chewing one whenever I am not keeping well helps me go through the day without popping a pill.

  7. Bruce K Pearce

    After browsing many websites to get a vegan CBD based gummy, I placed the order from the vapeandcbd. It was delivered after almost a week which should be worked upon.

  8. Grace Harrell

    Takes some time to show effects due to body processes, but the effects last quite long.

  9. Dylan M hatch

    Had a good experience after eating these gummies. No high feeling induced but the effects completely made me forget the pain.

  10. Lawrence Colon

    Been having the cheery flavored vegan gummies for a long time to get a long undisturbed night’s sleep.

  11. Kathryn Laing

    The chemical makeup of these gummies is quite good as it helps me in staying calm and doing well even when I am anxious or stressed.

  12. Noah

    Started taking to boost the immunity as I was getting ill frequently. A well-packed gummy full of antioxidants that keep me healthy even when the temperature dips.

  13. Jean Higgs

    I take one piece of this gummy for getting a daily CBD dose. It is a tasty gummy with some earthy taste in the end.

  14. Austin K

    Good CBD based gummies for improving cognitive performance. Been taking it every day for the last 15days.

  15. Gloria Beech

    A convenient method to consume the natural herb and reap the benefits. It has myriad benefits and really effective for improving joint mobility.

  16. Arthur

    Started taking it to get relief from the cramps after a long workout session and the very next day I get back to the gym with the same energy.

  17. Gerald Rollins

    Good CBD based gummies that keep the unrest and stressful feelings at bay.

  18. Zachary Whittington

    As I was dependent on painkillers to manage my headache, so I ordered the natural gummies. And since the day I started taking it, my dependency on it reduced. Moreover, the strong effects help me to carry out daily activities without any pain.

  19. Adam L

    While looking for a natural sleeping aid, I ordered these vegan gummies. One gummy helps me to get good sleep every day.

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