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500 MG Gummies

Raw CBD 500 MG Gummies

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A sweet, chewy CBD gummy bear that’s loaded with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD. Makeyour CBD dose something to look forward to with these delicious treats that you won’t be able to resist!

CBD edibles are becoming increasingly popular, due to their wide range of benefits and positive effects they have on the body. Apart from being extremely tasty, they are a simple and discreet way to take your daily dose of CBD.


Enhancing mental & physical well-being

Helping to relieve body pains and stiffness

Helping to maintain calmness

A relaxing and restful sleep.

Contains ~ 25 mg/piece

Net Weight: 4 oz – 1000 mg

16 reviews for Raw CBD Gummies 1000 MG – Bears

  1. Nicky Hoover

    Started taking it to get relief from the back pain. And, after a few minutes of consumption, it really made a difference in the backache. I swear these gummies are more effective than the painkillers.

  2. Ryan S

    Excellent product to get relief from the osteoarthritic knees. Moreover, after regular usage, I noticed a change in the intensity of the pain.

  3. jody K hens

    It actually works better on backache and provides relief from the pain for a long duration. Took almost a week for the delivery.

  4. Alex Riley

    Been using these gummies for approximately 6 months. Has helped me cope up with joint pain quite well as compared to other brands.

  5. E hayes

    Whenever the pain in the head or in the joint, I prefer consuming one 1000md CBD gummy. And, after a few minutes, it completely takes away the discomfort.

  6. Fran McBride

    Anyone looking for an effective solution for arthritis should definitely try these. And, after consuming it regularly for a few days you’ll notice the quality and formula is quite effective.

  7. D sutton

    I have various natural remedies to fix my digestion issues, but nothing really worked for long hours. But taking one gummy has removed the discomfort and diminished it.

  8. Bev Porter

    These are the best gummies available in the market. Quite effective in reducing the various kinds of inflammation.

  9. angel K moore

    After the hip replacement, I had a sharp pain in the inner thigh whenever I moved. But after taking gummies, I could move without pain and also walk for some distance.

  10. Dominick

    Even one gummy in the afternoon keeps me energetic and focused for the entire day.

  11. Nicholas Stamp

    I have placed my 2nd order for the same gummies due to its chewy consistency and fast effects. Become a fan of the fuzzy feeling induced after having it.

  12. Eric J

    Started taking it after a friend’s recommendation for improving focus and overall calmness. My go-to product to be productive in the evening.

  13. Stephen Lees

    Smoking or tincture is not cup of my tea. So started this consumption method, it takes some time to show effect. But it provides relief from the shoulder for a longer duartion.

  14. Patrick Mitchell

    These 1000 mg Raw gummies are a must-try for everyone. Loved their strength and purity.

  15. G Aaron

    Really liked the assorted flavors of these gummies. Made keeping in mind the regulation issued by the FDA.

  16. Henry Moody

    Whenever I am in a bad mood due to some issues in my personal and professional life, I take them. But they are not very effective to cure migraine headaches.

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