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Select CBD Relax Vape Pen - 250 MG

Select CBD Relax Vape Pen – 250 MG

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Social CBD Infused Patch – 20 MG | 3 Pack

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Select CBD Revive Vape Pen – 250 MG

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Stay locked-in throughout the entire day with the Select CBD designed the 250-milligram Revive Vape Pen. Choose between Lemon or Grapefruit to restore your inner balance, and experience the purest CBD extract available. Each flavor is based with a hemp-derived CBD extract and enriched with cold-pressed essential oils for full flavor with every draw.

One to two milligrams of CBD are released with every three-second puff to ensure an even dosage. This self-contained CBD pen utilizes a ceramic heating core that evenly distributes heat to deliver consistent vapor.

Ingredients: Hemp-derived CBD extract, natural essences, and fractionated coconut oil (MCT).

49 reviews for Select CBD Revive Vape Pen – 250 MG

  1. Taylor Stone

    It is so smooth and invigorating. I like the grapefruit flavor the most. I love ingesting CBD in this form. It helps me in getting through the stressful days and also restores my inner balance.

  2. Julio Edwards

    I ordered the lemon flavor and it tastes amazing. I was expecting a bitter aftertaste but it is smooth from beginning till end. it would be great if there was an indicator to show how much oil is left. Can’t wait to try other flavors.

  3. J. Walker

    Really love this product. Easy operation. I use it regularly to ease stress and revive my energy. Thank you so much.

  4. E. Norment

    It helped me get the desired health benefits without causing high effects. Also like the grapefruit flavor. Ordering again.

  5. Janet Harris

    My friend recommended this product. Helpful for anxiety and sleep problems. Always check with your doctor for medical advice.

  6. T. Simonson

    Great taste and highly effective for patients suffering from insomnia. No psychoactive effects. Genuine price.

  7. Alice Fish

    Ordered this product last month…great for anxiety and stress…I also have pain and fibromyalgia, it didn’t work for these illnesses.

  8. R. Smith

    After using this product for just two weeks, I noticed a significant difference in my health. Boosted sleep, no panic attacks, relaxation…taste is also good.

  9. Rob Cornett

    Have been using this vape pen for a week now, but didn’t get pain relief. It works for stress relief.

  10. Jacob Reid

    Smooth & invigorating. Helps me cope with the challenging days. My go-to-option whenever I want to relax after work.

  11. Anna Price

    Does not give stronger effects. Would recommend this to beginners. Prompt delivery.

  12. V Johnston

    The lemon flavor is refreshing and reviving. No bitter taste afterward. Has an energizing and relaxing effect.

  13. Lyla

    Light and refreshing. The way it worked on me made me order the same product in different flavors for my brother. She loved it.

  14. Harper K Collins

    Been vaping to get relief from the excruciating pain. After using this vape pen, my search for a vape pen that produces strong vapes came to an end. thankyou

  15. Jaden

    The vape pen was shipped very quickly. After trying it, I am glad I placed the order for this. Has mellow effects. Shows effects in some time.

  16. Maria Williams

    It is smaller than as it seems in the pics. Though, it produces stronger effects. Took a long time to be delivered.

  17. J Elliot Owen

    Gives vapes of good CBD, for producing a happy high. Highly recommended to get relief from minor aches.

  18. Reed Collins

    Subtle flavor, a little stronger than other vape pens. Calms down quickly. I will be back to order again

  19. Lee p

    I absolutely love the vape pens. At times I take in the morning to kick start the day and also in the evening to be energetic.

  20. Jody Vinson

    Good smell and moderate lemon taste. A good blend with the purest BD extract and some essential oils. Regular use has restored my immunity. Safe to be taken by oldies.

  21. Levine

    The natural citrus extracts are quite refreshing. Does the job without any high feeling.

  22. Bailey F Henson

    I purchased the lemon-flavored vape pen. Took almost a day to help me with the exhaustion.

  23. Silver Moon

    Liked the lemon flavor. Quite compact, I carry it in my pocket. I would recommend this to people taking CBD to treat different types of chronic pain.

  24. J Heath

    Placed the order on Wednesday and was delivered to me on Friday. Subtle taste. Takes some time to show effects, but stays for long.

  25. Amina Valentine

    It has helped me with confusion and anxiety. Would definitely recommend this to someone facing difficulty to cope with its symptoms. And regular use has reduced my dependency on prescription medications.

  26. Amber D

    I got my order after two days of the estimated date. Safe to be taken by adults and oldies as it does not have any psychoactive effects. Takes some time to show effects.

  27. Gisella Tanner

    Nice flavor. Has a mild lemon taste. It’s just what I needed to reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. But found it a bit expensive than other vape pens in the market.

  28. Tanner

    After the death of my father, I had anxiety issues. So to address this I tried this vaping device. Couldn’t have asked for such a flavourful CBD vape pen to calm me down. It is quite handy. So I always keep it in my bag to cope with anxiety immediately.

  29. Evelyn Evans

    I have been using it every day after a doctor’s recommendation for managing my depression. Gradually it showed effects and had no side effects on my mind and body.

  30. Anna K Vinson

    After inhaling this, not only has I got relief from chronic pain but it has also helped in improving my overall health. Product made with quality and safe products.

  31. Gisella

    By mistake, I placed the order for lemon flavor while I wanted the grapefruit flavor. So to change it, I got in touch with them and after the call, I received the message that it has been replaced. Good work guys.

  32. Mia F Wells

    During my chemotherapy sessions, it was becoming very difficult to cope up with the after-effects of the therapy. After reading the benefit of vaping online, I ordered this compact vape pen. Prompt delivery. I Like how smoothly it acts on my body and makes it easy for me to do the regular activities.

  33. Ava Holmes

    Has a distinct taste. It is a good supplement that you can include in your regime for improving overall health. No THC.

  34. Louise

    To lose weight, I got my body free from the chemicals. So in that process, I was looking for a replacement for the medications and ordered this vape pen. I must say this provides relief from the regular due to aggressive workout and acts smoothly on headaches as well.

  35. Lee Morgan

    In my job, I was struggling to maintain a good work-life balance and while doing that, I was unable to get a good sleep. After my colleagues’ recommendation, I bought this product, and since that day my sleep cycle has improved significantly. Highly recommended.

  36. Sarah

    Basically ordered this as I wanted a compact vaping instrument. It helps me to relax, however, my day goes. No THC content ensures whether you use it frequently, you won’t be high.

  37. J Bell

    Bought at the sale price. A good vape pen with a nice built that has helped me with neuroinflammation. It takes some time to show effects but cures my pain.

  38. Bailey K

    “It becomes difficult for me to cope with menstrual cramps while
    managing kids and my jobs. So the quality vape clouds reduce the pain without adversely affecting the body. Moreover, it keeps me calm.”

  39. Lexie M Rose

    I used the vape pen for the first vape pen. Faced no difficulty in using it, It has good quality liquid within that provided a great vaping experience. Impressed by how it acts on headaches. A must try compact vape pen.

  40. Skyla hines

    Ordered this vaping pen for the good quality clouds. A pure and powerful liquid has provided me relief from continuous back pain.

  41. F Goodman

    A nice formulation and makes good vaping clouds with a substantial amount of CBD. I take in the afternoon to keep myself focused and have actually seen my productivity increase.

  42. Myah

    I placed the order for Grapefruit but got the lemon-flavored vape pen. Good effects. But disappointed that I didn’t get what I ordered.

  43. G Bryan

    One of the quality vape pens available at a reasonable price. Easy to use and the light glows when you inhale and the mouthpiece becomes a but warm.

  44. Vivian P Ward

    Most of the flavored vape pens become flavorless after first use as their cartridges are not well-built. But this one tastes good always. A well-researched product that provided a good vaping experience.

  45. Barbara Torres

    A nice mix of hemp-derived CBD and natural essential oils. All of them are grown locally to provide a quality product. I am a regular smoker so after smoking it for the first time I could feel the difference. Would definitely try other Select CBD products.

  46. Emerson Pollard

    Been using the lemon flavored vape pen for a week. Gives a burning taste in the end which does spoil some taste. But how it acts on your mind compensates for the burning taste.

  47. D Parker

    While looking for a healthier option for smoking, I ordered this lemon flavored vape pen. It has a quick onset time, portable, and protects you from harmful carcinogens. And, take care of the dosage to get the desired effects.

  48. Danni Woods

    A compact, easy to use vaporizer has the ability to completely control the temperature. Gets on instantly after clicking on the button that activates the battery for heating the element and vaporizing the concentrate that has to be sent to the mouthpiece.

  49. Skye Pate

    I use this vape pen many times a day to get relief from the pain in my knee. Within a few minutes of inhalation, my pain goes off completely. And. it does not heat up to a level that you become uncomfortable.

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