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Social CBD | Broad Spectrum Drops - 750mg

Social CBD Pet Drops 750 MG

$69.99 $59.99

Social CBD | Broad Spectrum Drops – 750 MG

$89.99 $70.00
Social CBD | Broad Spectrum Drops - 750mg

Social CBD | Broad Spectrum Drops – 1500 MG

$135.99 $125.00

(20 customer reviews)
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Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops deliver highly refined hemp extract in a discreet design. Available in three CBD dosages—375, 750, and 1500 milligrams—the drops contain 0% THC. Each 30-milliliter bottle includes an easy-drop applicator that enables precision dosing. Broad Spectrum Drops are available in a variety of natural flavors.

20 reviews for Social CBD | Broad Spectrum Drops – 1500 MG

  1. Rylan vega

    I tried it at my friend’s place. Placed the order the next day after noticing its positive impact on the mind and body. Loved it.

  2. Ash Burke

    I’ve been using the drops for one week now and I have seen positives changes in my sleep patterns. It helps me in getting a sound sleep and I wake up fresh every morning.

  3. Riley Jenner

    This product is definitely my new health secret. I was looking for something for my anxiety issues and this product has worked so well with my anxiety symptoms.

  4. Glenn Powell

    Works great for my severe migraines. I was very terrified by this problem and feel so relieved after buying these drops Thank you Vape and CBD.

  5. Maddox

    I ordered a cinnamon flavor thinking the flavor and taste to be good. But neither the taste is good nor did I see any relaxing effects.

  6. Chris Porter

    I have eczema and extremely dry skin. And the drops help in keeping the skin hydrated and in managing the symptoms of eczema.

  7. Gale green

    I never write reviews, however wanted to write for this one. Because I suffer from depression at a very young age. And these drops have helped me a lot in naturally providing relief from the symptoms. Highly satisfied.

  8. Lynn

    I ordered an unflavoured one, even then I didn’t like the smell at all. Made me feel nauseated and had to throw up in the end.

  9. Angel Watkins

    The drops are really potent. Just 2-3 of them and I feel a soothing and relaxing effect. It really helps me even when I’m extremely tired.

  10. Carmen D

    As I being an athlete have to do power training and that makes my muscles sore. But this product is so amazing that it helps me a lot in relaxing my sore muscles.

  11. Val Elliot

    I use these for getting stress relief and this is so far the best product I’ve used. I use it whenever I get stressed during the day.

  12. Rile

    I put these drops in my diffuser for getting a soother and relaxing experience the whole day long. I like the smell very much as I ordered the vanilla mint flavor.

  13. Saniyah Montes

    I didn’t have a good experience with the smell. It gave me a bad headache. Though I ordered it for getting relief from my chemotherapy symptoms and did help me with the frequent vomitings I used to have.

  14. Jessica Barnes

    I bought this for my husband. He has a highly pressurized job and this is my way of keeping him stress-free. The drops work like therapy for him and are a perfect fit for the work stress.

  15. D Blaire

    The CBD drops are actually like a charm. I get panic attacks very often and these drops help in calming me down. I love the smell as well.

  16. Billie Chandler

    Love these drops. This is the second bottle I’m currently using for my problem of inflammation and pain and shall be purchasing more also in the future.

  17. Willy M

    I am a die-hard fan of these drops, especially the pomegranate flavor. These not only help me in sleeping but also relaxes me during a tiring day.

  18. Larissa Kerr

    The drops have an irritating smell, just like old gym socks. Does help to some extent but not up to the mark.

  19. Naomi

    I have high blood pressure problems and even get a migraine sometimes due to that. These CBD drops are very effective in dealing with the problem of BP. I am pleased with my first purchase from this store.

  20. Bret

    I found the CBD drops to be of great help. I simply put a few drops behind my ears and on my temples in the night to ease myself and to have a good night’s sleep.

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