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Select CBD Revive Vape Pen - 250 MG

Select CBD Revive Vape Pen – 250 MG

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Social CBD Infused Patch – 60 MG | 1 Pack

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Social CBD Infused Patch – 20 MG | 3 Pack

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The Social CBD Patch is a high-strength topical patch that offers a serving size of 20mg CBD hemp extract per patch. When you apply the Social CBD patch, the CBD absorbs through all layers of the skin to steadily enter the bloodstream. Because the CBD gradually absorbs, you can wear these patches for up to 12 to 24 hours. They’re intended to offer relief in the general area where the patch is placed.

Why Choose a Social CBD Patch?

  • Available in 20mg CBD per patch
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Cut the patch in two to lower the serving over 24 hours
  • Patch size for 20mg is 2.5″ x 2″
  • Latex-Free!
  • Quality controlled and Third-party lab tested
  • 100% plant-based

All Social CBD products are lovingly made and packaged by hand. Social CBD Patches go through the highest levels of testing available for topical patches today.

How to use a Social Patch:

For general well-being, apply the Social CBD patch to the underside of your upper arm, the inner thigh or the spine near the hip or base of the neck and leave it on for 24 hours. Or you can apply the patch directly to the affected area.

You may remove the patch whenever you like. We’d recommend keeping it on for 24 hours to enjoy time for the full serving of CBD to dissipate from the patch into your system.

Avoid placing the patch over open wounds, scabs, or irritated or broken skin.


Polymer Blend and CBD Hemp Extract.

22 reviews for Social CBD Infused Patch – 20 MG | 3 Pack

  1. Ash White

    I like how these patches help me with my arthritis pain, especially the pine area of my body. I can easily use them without taking anyone’s help for application to areas out of reach.

  2. John

    I’m amazed at how quickly these CBD patches work and help me calm down my anxiety and thus in sleeping as well.

  3. Amy Murray

    I have bad sciatica pain and wasn’t able to walk properly due to that. And on using this patch the nerve pain started decreasing and gives a cooling effect that stays for a long time.

  4. K Judy

    The patch sticks so firmly that it is so difficult to remove it from the affected area. Didn’t provide any relief to my pain.

  5. Kate Porter

    It feels so amazing applying this patch. It relieves me from my back pain and I love the product in every form.

  6. G Bryan

    I am happy that my fingers don’t get messy as I don’t have to massage the topical to my skin. I simply slap it on my affected area to get hours of pain relief.

  7. Thomas Wells

    I was struggling with my knee pain for years. This patch gives me 8 hours of pain-free bliss and this is why I love using it.

  8. Rile

    I tried using the patch for my spine pain but felt disappointed as they are not strong enough. The pain relief did last for some time but not up to my expectations.

  9. meeryn J

    I used the patch for getting pain relief in my sprained back. It did help a little but the adhesiveness is not great. The patch rolls out itself in an hour.

  10. Layla Mooney

    I had pain in my hip as it got fractured when I fell from the stairs. This patch is very effective in providing pain relief and I have ordered more yesterday only.

  11. Jr. Smith

    This stuff is great in providing pain relief. I ordered them for my wife’s lower back pain. And she is very happy after using the patch.

  12. Clem Walsh

    The patch works great in providing pain relief. The best part I liked is I can even travel while applying it. The cooling sensation gave a soothing effect to my joints pain.

  13. Jaimee

    There’s nothing to be disliked about the CBD patch. I love how good they work for me. Helps in easing and relaxing my sore muscles due to my gym power training. Going to buy the bigger pack next time.

  14. Celeste

    Will never buy this product again. Had such great hopes for it but it didn’t meet any of my expectations. Difficult to remove and didn’t provide relief from pain.

  15. Gale green

    The patch works really great. Remain stuck the whole night, didn’t leave any residue, effectively relieved my pain. Helped me have a good night’s sleep as well.

  16. Allen ball

    The patch is large and gets cut into two pieces. And I use them simultaneously on my neck and lower back. I am surprised how effectively they work and provide relief at both the affected areas.

  17. Skye Pate

    Works perfectly for my stiff joints. And this is the best patch I’ve used so far. It is super easy to apply and remove.

  18. Damari Bean

    Although the patch sticks nicely to my skin, I didn’t feel any pain relief on using them. I can’t recommend them to anyone.

  19. Latisha Miller

    I am a huge fan of CBD but this patch has let my expectations down. It curls itself after applying and comes out in some time. Didn’t find any pain relief as well.

  20. Caden R Wright

    I suffer from chronic pain and this patch is the only product that provides relief from pain. They are very easy to use and actually worth every penny spent.

  21. Olivia W

    Works well. Adheres to the skin well. Provides effective pain relief.

  22. Emma

    I did hurt my shoulder in an accident and nothing did help me the way this CBD patch is helping. The patch is a game-changer in terms of pain relief. The aroma of the patch lingers on for a while but not the pain.

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