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Social CBD Muscle Rub

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The Social CBD Muscle Rub is formulated with pure, hemp-derived CBD. This readily-absorbed topical also features other ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, tea tree oil, and menthol that deliver icy relief and an invigorating scent. The travel-ready Muscle Rub is available in two sizes; the palm-sized, 0.6-ounce squeeze bottle features 50 milligrams, while the three-ounce bottle contains 250 milligrams.

23 reviews for Social CBD Muscle Rub

  1. Aiden

    The muscle rub is amazing. It is not at all sticky and gets absorbed into the affected area very quickly. Works effectively for muscle soreness.

  2. Bean Molina

    I apply it on my legs and it soothes my muscles so well. It is so non-sticky and gets applied smoothly over the skin.

  3. Pete Sariya

    I am surprised by the way this muscle rub works for me. It is very effective for achy and sore muscles. Will definitely buy it again.

  4. Leslie R

    The muscle rub is perfect for my deep tissue pain. It is a perfect blend for getting relaxation. I love the aroma as well.

  5. Myles Tyler

    It is a perfect solution for my muscle pain. I’m glad to have a product which I can put on and take with me as well.

  6. Zack Lee

    Was dealing with neck pain and stiffness in shoulders for some time. But after using the muscle rub, I finally got relieved from my pain. And I feel I’ve made a good decision of buying it.

  7. Drax

    I was a little disappointed as I didn’t get enough relief from the product. It did temporarily heal my muscle pain but not for a long time.

  8. Mary Jonas

    The muscle rub didn’t work for me at all. Didn’t provide any kind of pain relief. I didn’t even like the smell.

  9. K Tate

    I was expecting far better results from this muscle rub but it didn’t meet my expectations. The aroma is good but the effectiveness is mild.

  10. Alexis

    The muscle rub goes a long way in providing relief from the stress and tension in my muscles. It is a great product at this price.

  11. Carol Sherwood

    The only good thing is that it absorbs well on the skin. But the effectiveness is not there. Even the cooling effect disappears in 2 mins.

  12. Ollie Cole

    I really like the CBD muscle rub. I suffer from severe neck and back pain and on applying the muscle rub, the pain alleviates in just 10 mins. It spreads evenly on my skin.

  13. D. Erickson

    The product is very nice and effective in relieving my pain due to stress and strains. Will definitely buy it again. Thankyou Vape and CBD.

  14. jack

    This is exactly what I needed for my arthritis pain. I really like its smell and what it does for my pain. It gives a much-needed relief.

  15. C Flores

    I ordered it for my wife who has a problem of severe back pain. It does work but takes a very long time in providing relief. Also, the smell of the rub remained in my hands even after washing them twice.

  16. Ben Vance

    Great stuff. Great price. Very effective in relieving my joint pain.

  17. Julio Myers

    It is very effective and provides relief from my workout muscle soreness. Provides instant relief from pain. Thankyou for delivering it on time.

  18. D Parker

    It is icy cool and feels fine but doesn’t provide any relief to my joint pain. Won’t buy it again.

  19. Sam Buca

    Works perfectly the way it is supposed to do. Provides excellent pain relief to my muscles and strains.

  20. Barry Wine

    It is very effective and helps with my arthritis pain. Very good product. Highly recommendable.

  21. Wade Kristen

    The pain relief of this muscle rub lasts for a long time and I feel so relaxed after using it. I’m so happy to have this nice ointment with me.

  22. Peter Pants

    The smell of the rub is so calming and I like the icy relief it gives to my knees pain. Love the product.

  23. M Strong

    I can easily count upon the muscle rub for easing my muscle aches. Helps so much in healing my tired and achy muscles.

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