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The Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit is a powerful vape pen boasting Source Vapes’ trademark Orb chamber and a kit of 6 advanced atomizers, enabling you to vape waxy oils on-the-go. Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit comes with a variable voltage battery for finding the ideal temperature and vapor profile for your favorite waxes. Toggle through 3 different settings to enjoy your preferred intensity and flavor. Experiment with vapor profiles using the included single coil, double coil, and coilless atomizers, made with lab-tested quartz and ceramic. The Source Orb 3 vaporizer is a versatile, advanced vape pen for pros.


More capable than the average vape pen, Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit features a 650mAh 510-threaded battery with 3 presets between 3.3v and 3.9v. This enables users to master the intensity of each hit, whether they prefer small flavorful hits, moderate draws, or large and robust rips. Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit is ideal for vaping on your feet. Changing the Source Orb 3 voltage is simple with a single-button interface. You can quickly toggle voltage and temperature for quick hits on-the-go. The 650mAh battery gives you exceptional battery life and power, enabling longer sessions with fewer charges, and impressively sized vapor clouds from your wax concentrates.


The Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit comes with 6 highly advanced and versatile wax atomizers. For flavor chasers, Source Orb 3 comes with both a single and double quartz rod atomizer. Those who enjoy big, flavorful hits will appreciate the black and ceramic double rod atomizers included with the Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit. And for those who appreciate efficient, wax-conserving vaporization, Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit comes with a 3 Series SOURCE terra Disc atomizer designed for lower temperature vaporization with no combustion. Source Orb 3 is also compatible with any 3 Series atomizer from Source Vapes. Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit gives you complete mastery over your vaping sessions!


As a part of Source Vapes’ lineup of Orb Vaporizers, the Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit features a magnetically locked Orb chamber that makes loading the atomizer fast and easy. Just snap the Source Orb 3 chamber open, load your wax, and snap the lid back on. No threading. Just unparalleled ease-of-use. The Source Orb 3 attachment has 200% more airflow than previous Source Orb models, allowing for bigger draws. Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Prem2 Kit delivers unprecedented ease-of-use and vapor quality. Made with indestructible titanium, the Source Orb 3 attachment is durable and dependable.

3 reviews for Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Premium V2 Kit

  1. Paige Turner

    good battery. produces flavorful hits even in bigger draws. comparatively more durable.

  2. Julie Gebhardt

    it offers 6 atomizers at such an affordable price. and even then the performance is amazing and the entire thing is not more than 6 inches. there couldn’t be a better deal. love the product and highly recommend it.

  3. Buck Kinnear

    I ll start with the negatives. It’s a little bulkier than any other vape pens that I have tried. The battery life is not that great but then again at this price range it is probably the most I can expect. Otherwise there is a lot about this device that I really love. The build quality is amazing. It is cost-effective as the kit is filled with accessories. The vape is really easy to use. Personally, I love it. Surely would recommend to everyone.

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