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Easter is the time to revive and restart life in a new way. Why not let nature be your path to that new beginning? This Easter, Vape&CBD presents you with a natural way of healing. Our Delta Doc CBD Bundle is designed especially for those who are experiencing some kind of mental or emotional turmoil. Containing premium Delta Botanical CBD products, the combo offers desired mental health benefits without the risks of overwhelming effects.

The Pack Contains:

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This Package Includes:

CBD Gummies 300 mg

Give your health a boost with the trusted name of Delta Botanicals. Indulge in a carefully crafted formula of full-spectrum CBD in the convenient form of edible gummies that are tested to give you an experience worth remembering.

Delta Botanicals CBD Gummies are manufactured batch-wise with precision by John Hopkins chemists in a laboratory in Baltimore, MD. A plethora of scientific research goes behind every product. They are tested for cannabinoids using a validated high-performance liquid chromatography method.

Delta Botanicals ensure that no isolate is used in the production of these gummies. The manufacturing is handled by their in-house lab in Baltimore. The hemp used is full-spectrum and contains 0% THC. It is domestically grown in Colorado and meets all the requirements of the Farm Bill 2018.

CBD Oral Tincture 300 mg

Designed with care and packed with excellence, the Delta Botanicals CBD Oral Tinctures contains pure extracts of CBD derived from hemp and tested in ISO-certified third-party labs.

Experience the benefits of naturally and organically grown Delta Botanicals’ CBD Oral tincture. Designed and packed with care, the tinctures come in four (Green, Purple, Golden, and Blue) colors. The products labeled green contain 300mg of total CBD. Other labels such as Gold contain 600 mg of CBD, Purple consists of 1,000 mg CBD, and Blue label contains 150mg CBD. Sized 30 ml, containing pure extracts of CBD derived from organic hemp source, the tincture goes through a process of rigorous testing in ISO-certified third-party labs.

2 reviews for The Delta Doc Bundle

  1. M Hendricks

    A perfect package with gummies and oral tinctures. Bought it to surprise my wife and after two days of use and seeing the overwhelming effects she really thanked me for taking both the products. Her dosage was taking both alternatively to manage the excruciating back pain

  2. Lucca

    Amazing package. Though I was unsure whether I would use both the products, they have distinct properties. Tinctures act quite fast while gummies take up to 45 minutes some effects and provide relief.

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